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For many of us, our tablet has become an all-in-one device for business and pleasure. So why not use an all-in-one resource for DIY repair parts, tools and guides for your tablet? carries tablet replacement parts for a number of different brands and models, including the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab- just to name a few.

Don’t show up to a business meeting with a cracked touch screen on your iPad. Don’t suffer through discoloration on your LCD while watching your favorite show on your Google Nexus 7. And don’t let a battery that doesn’t properly hold a charge keep you away from your favorite novel on your Amazon Kindle Fire. has everything you need to repair your tablet yourself, sparing you the time of going to a repair shop and the expense of purchasing an entire new device. There is no need to scour the web looking for the right parts and waiting for shipments to arrive from different suppliers. We carry brand new, OEM-compliant tablet screen replacements and repair parts, as well as the appropriate tablet repair tools to complete the task at hand. All our products are shipped the same day and come with a 100% guarantee.

Not a “techie?” No worries. If you’re not certain which tablet repair parts you need, our support professionals are on-call (866) 233-6460 and online to answer all your questions. On you will also find comprehensive tablet disassemble guides and HD repair videos to help you fix your device right the first time!