Our iPad can be like our right arm. When an iPad screen is damaged or internal components malfunction, our daily routine gets thrown off. DirectFix.com carries all of the iPad screen replacements and repair parts you’ll need for DIY repairs so you can get back to your routine quickly and without breaking the bank. If your iPad screen cracks, or the iPad’s LCD has dead pixels that interfere with viewing or navigation, don’t rush to the Apple store just yet. The screen can be fixed without purchasing an entirely new iPad. DirectFix.com will provide you with easy to follow iPad repair guides and HD videos to make the repair process quick and painless. We carry brand new parts for all generations of the iPad: iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Mini (Retina). 

In addition to iPad digitizer and LCD screen replacements, DirectFix.com offers iPad repair parts to solve problems with your battery, dock connector assembly, headphone jack assembly and much more. We have OEM-compliant iPad parts that are 100% guaranteed and shipped quickly. If you’re not certain exactly which iPad replacement parts to order, our support professionals are on-call (866) 233-6460 and online customerservice@directfix.com to make sure you get what you need to get your right arm back!