iPhone 5C Screen Replacement, iPhone 5C Battery

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DirectFix provides everything you need for do it yourself iPhone 5C repairs. We offer quality replacement iPhone 5C parts from iPhone 5C batteries to iPhone 5C screens and everything in between. We also offer the best DIY repair videos to help you repair your iPhone 5C yourself. To learn more about our professional DIY repair videos goto our iPhone 5C Repair Videos.
Replacement Screen for iPhone 5C with LCD & Touch Panel

Code: IP-2733

Price: $49.99

In Stock

Replacement Battery for the iPhone 5C

Code: IP-2728

Price: $10.99

In Stock

Home Button Flex Ribbon Cable Replacement for iPhone 5C

Code: IP-2807

Price: $3.99

In Stock

Screen Protector for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C & iPhone 5

Code: SP-2566

Price: $1.69

Sold Out - Coming Soon
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10W USB Power Adapter AC Wall Charger for iPad & iPhone

Code: IP-2644

Price: $6.99

In Stock

SIM Card Eject Tool for iPhone & iPad

Code: IP-2292

Price: $1.79

In Stock

Magnetic Repair ScrewMat for iPhone 5C

Code: SCR-21

Price: $11.99

In Stock

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