Replacement LCD and Screen for the iPhone XR

Replacement LCD and Screen for the iPhone XR

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Screen Replacement with LCD & Touch Panel, for the iPhone XR. This is a complete replacement screen for the iPhone XR. 
This includes the complete screen assembly with the LCD and Touch Panel Digitizer assembled together. 

Solves the following problems
 Installed Scratched or broken glass
 Installed Cracked  LCD
 Installed Unresponsive touch inputs
 Installed Dead pixels, bright spots, discoloration, vertical or horizontal lines
 Installed Non-working back light

Pre-Installed Parts and Features
 Installed Cold pressed frame
 Installed Front camera bracket
 Installed Proximity sensor bracket
 Installed Ear Speaker mesh
 Installed Affordable LCD replacement screen
 Installed Aftermarket flex cables
 Installed Black frame

The following items are not included and must be transferred over from the original screen assembly: Front Camera, Ear Piece and Bracket/Screws. 
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