When purchasing a product from DirectFix using a purchase order, please read the below purchase order guidelines, payment terms and procedure for completing a purchase order. If you have any questions please email prior to sending us a purchase order. FREE SHIPPING DOES NOT APPLY TO PO ORDERS!

Purchase Order Guidelines

  • It is important that the preparer of the purchase order type or print legibly so that errors in communication are minimized.
  • DirectFix only accepts purchase orders from businesses, schools, hospitals, and government offices in the United States.
  • Please check the web page for product availability. If a product is out of stock on the web page DirectFix does not have that product in stock and will not accept purchase orders for that product.
  • DirectFix does NOT back order products.
  • All products will be shipped via FedEx Ground, Tracked and Insured. Customer will be charged actual cost on the shipping charge. (At this time we do NOT offer UPS shipping)
  • DirectFix does accept purchase orders for repair services.
  • Purchase Orders must be a minimum of $100 & Include NET 30 TERMS on the PO that is faxed to DirectFix. We will process Purchase orders for less than $100; however we require that these orders be PRE-PAID prior to shipment. Please fax the purchase order to +1-702-728-5687 Attn: PO processing so that we may prepare a Performa Invoice including the shipping cost. If a PO is received without meeting the following criteria it will not be processed. Please email us if you have any questions regarding sending a Purchase Order.

Payment Terms

  • Payment terms are Net 30 only. Payments not received within 30 days after the product is received by the customer will accrue interest at 18.0% per annum or the maximum amount allowed by law. AX Micro Solutions reserves the right to pursue any and all avenues available to it to collect unpaid money. Customers are required to pay any collection and/ or attorneys fees accrued in pursuit of such unpaid money in addition to whatever money is owed to DirectFix.
  • Shipping is via FedEx, Tracked and Insured. Customer will be charged actual cost on the shipping charge. (At this time we do NOT offer UPS or any other shipping method on PO's).
  • All checks or money orders should be made out to AX Micro Solutions, Inc. and should include a purchase order number.
  • All payments should be received by AX Micro Solutions within 30 days of order.

    Send To:

    Attn: Accounts Receivable
    2657 Windmill Pkwy, Ste 172
    Henderson, NV 89074 USA

Procedure for Completing a Purchase Order

  • Please include the following information on your purchase order so that DirectFix can process your order as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • All purchase orders should be on the purchaser's business, school or government office letterhead.
  • Purchase orders should be signed by an officer, or similarly responsible representative, of the purchasing business, school or government office.

Each purchase order must, at a minimum, include the following information

  • Business, school or government office name.
  • Telephone number and fax number.
  • Accounting clerk's (accounts payable) name and phone number.
  • A purchase order number.
  • A bill to address.
  • A ship to address.
  • The part number, quantity, product description and price for each product purchased.
  • DirectFix will process your order within 1-2 business days after receipt of the completed purchase order.

    Fax a copy of the Original Purchase Order to:

    Fax: +1-702-728-5687
    Attn: Purchase Order Processing