Oops! iDropped It. iPhone Butterfingers Get New Life for Broken iPhone Screens

Morgan Hill, Calif. May 28, 2009 DirectFix.com, the leader in You Fix It replacement parts, accessories and videos for iPhones, Blackberrys, iPods, PDAs and handheld games, today announced it sold over 10,000 iPhone and iPhone 3G screens & touch panels, generating over 3 million unique visitors to its replacement screen video tutorials on YouTube.com.

Instead of replacing broken iPhones at full retail price or shipping your broken phone for costly and lengthy repairs, over 1000 customers a month now elect to purchase and replace iPhone touch screens and LCDs themselves by following the online repair videos at DirectFix.com.

Returning a broken iPhone to the manufacturer is no longer an optionmost times its easier -- and faster -- to fix it yourself, says Robby Stanley, founder of DirectFix.com. DirectFix.com mails you a new screen, you go online and follow the step-by-step video, and youre back up and running in a day or less.

DirectFix can deliver replacement parts anywhere in the Continental US within one day and to over 40 other countries in 3-5 days.

To their dismay, many iPhone butterfingers whove dropped their phones find out that screens are not covered under warranty and are not repaired by the manufacturer but rather replaced with a refurbished unit. The only option is to return the broken device to a limited number of authorized retailers not found outside of urban areas.

With millions of iPhones sold since 2007, users are breaking screens on a regular basis, explains Stanley. iPhones have quickly become an indispensable, vital personal and business tool, which means breaking one can be inconvenient and expensive in terms of downtime.

About DirectFix

DirectFix.com, founded in 1998 as GetHighTech, Inc, now offers over 100 free videos with titles such as iPhone 3G Touch Panel Replacement Directions or Blackberry Storm Broken Screen Replacement. The DirectFix.com video iPhone Screen Replacement & Disassemble Directions has over a million views on YouTube.

DirectFix.coms step-by-step directions make it easy for you to repair your broken iPhone, Blackberry or Smartphone so you are back up and running in no time. Check us out at www.DirectFix.com.

Screen Shot from our Free iPhone 3G Touch Panel Repair Video

Screen Shot from our Free iPhone 3G Take Apart Repair Video