Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Front-Facing Camera Repair

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Front-Facing Camera Repair

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Recommended Tools: 

Plastic Triangle Opening Tool
Nylon Spudger
SIM Card Ejection Tool
Precision Knife Set
2mm Red Adhesive
Multi-Purpose Heat Gun
Professional Phillips Screwdriver
Playing Cards

Step 1 

Power down your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone. 

Step 2 (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SIM Card and microSD Card Tray)

Remove the Nano SIM card and microSD card tray. 

Step 3 (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Rear Panel)

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge rear panel is glued on solidly and is a tight fit within the frame. Apply heat to soften the adhesive.

With the precision knife create enough space to insert a playing card.

Use playing cards to slice through the adhesive and help carefully separate the rear panel from Galaxy S7 Edge phone. Apply additional heat as needed. 

Step 4 (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Antennas, Wireless Charging Coil and Loudspeaker)

Remove the following 12 Phillips screws.

With the spudger, pry up and remove the 3 modular pieces. These individual components are connected to the motherboard by way of tiny spring contacts, they include the S7’s antennas, loudspeaker, and wireless charging coil. 

Step 5 (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Front-Facing Camera)

Detach the 3000 mAh Galaxy S7 Edge battery from the motherboard.

With the spudger detach and remove the S7 Edge 5-megapixel front-facing selfie camera.

 * To reassemble your device, follow the steps in reverse order.