Nokia Lumia 928 Repair Guides & Videos

It happens. You have a brand new Nokia Lumia 928 and accidentally drop it. Now you have a Nokia smartphone with a scratched, cracked or damage display assembly (LCD & touch screen) which renders it almost useless. If this has happened to you, no worries. provides a one-stop DIY repair resource to get your Lumia 928 working like new again quickly, and affordably. Once you have received your new Nokia replacement part from us, use the step-by-step Lumia 928 disassemble guide or detailed Nokia HD repair videos below to fix your smartphone.

Recommended tools:

  1. T5 Torx Screwdriver
  2. Plastic Opening Tools
  3. Nylon Spudger
  4. Anti-Static Wrist Strap
  5. SIM Card Ejection Tool
  6. Fine Tip Curved Tweezers


  1. Download the Nokia Lumia 928 Disassemble Guide