Palm Tungsten C Take Apart Directions

Tungsten C Repair Guide

Step 1 - These directions will only work for the Tungsten-C unit. You will need a T6 Torx for this take apart. Please read the directions before doing this take apart. Sorry we do not offer any assistance in this repair.

Use a T6 Torx and remove the 4 screws on the Back of the unit . 

Step 2 - With all 4 screws removed you can take off the back cover of the unit. The back cover is clipped on so it might be hard to remove. Do so by trying to pull the back cover straight off the back.

This shows the back cover on the left and the motherboard, screen and front still all together on the right. 

Step 3 - If you are replacing the motherboard or battery you will want to remove the battery connector. DOING THIS WILL CAUSE YOU TO LOOSE ALL THE DATA ON THE PALM EXCEPT THE OS THAT COMES ON THE PALM UNIT.

If you have a broken screen and want to try and save your data leave the battery connected.

Step 4 - The black frame, motherboard and battery all come up from the front plastic and screen. You will need to pull it apart from the front. Be careful since there is a ribbon from the motherboard to the screen connected on the back. 
Step 5 - There are two connectors. One on the screen(right) and one on the motherboard(left). Just remove the connector from the motherboard. To remove pull the connector up. It is just like a plug connector so pull up.
Step 6 - This leaves you the ribbon, screen and front frame with buttons. Goto the next step to remove the screen from the front frame. 
Step 7 - There are a few small tabs that hold the screen in the front frame. You should be able to pull the screen out but you might have to move a few tabs out of the way.
Step 8 - This picture shows the screen removed from the front frame. To install a new screen just follow the directions in reverse.