Palm Treo 600 Battery Repair Directions

Treo 600 Battery Replacement Guide

Step 1 - These directions will only work for the Treo 600 unit. You will need Small T5 & T6 Torx Set and Case Opener Tool for this take apart. Please read the directions before doing this take apart. Sorry we do not offer any assistance in this repair.

Use a T6 Torx Driver and remove the 4 screws on the Back of the unit. You will also need to sync/backup your unit before installing this battery. You will need to have the SD card and if you have one a SIM card removed before starting this repair.  

Step 2 - With all 4 screws removed you can take off the back cover of the unit. The back cover is clipped on so it might be hard to remove. Do so by using the case opener tool. Slide the tool all the way around the releasing the plastic tabs.  
Step 3 - This shows the back off of the unit. You can now see the battery.
Step 4 - You can not disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard. You just pull the cable up from the socket. 
Step 5 - There is a double sided tape that holds the battery to the motherboard. You can carefully pull the battery off of the motherboard and away..
Step 6 - This pictures shows the original battery removed from the Treo 600 unit. You can now install the new battery by following the directions in reverse.

You might need to charge the new battery for 2-3 hours for the first charge. Also after the new battery install you might have to reset the unit before re-syncing the info back to the unit. To reset the unit use a paper clip on the reset hole on the back of the unit.