HP iPAQ h1900 Take Apart Directions

iPAQ h1900 Series Repair Guide

You Will Need The Following Tools
Small Phillips Screw Driver

Small Flat Head Screw Driver
T5 Torx
You can purchase the screw driver directly from us

Step 1 - This guide will help you take apart your iPAQ h1900 series for battery and general parts  replacement .
Step 2 - Flip the unit over and remove the stylus, memory card.
Step 3 - On the side of the unit you will notive a small button area that slides and must be held to release the back cover.
Step 4 - This pictures show the cover removed and the battery now exposed fro removal.
Step 5 - Remove the battery by pulling lightly away from the unit
Step 6 - This picture shows the battery now removed and the battery cover to the right. 

If you are replacing the battery you can stop here.   If you wish to further disassemble your unit to fix another part issue please continue.

Step 7 - In order to open up the unit you will need to remove 5 screws.  One screw towards each corner and one screw to the center right of the battery compartment area.

Then pry open the unit unhookinng the tab starting with the corner shown in the picture.   Continue looking to pry open each tab that keeps the unit closed together until it comes loose.

Step 8 - This picture show the unit with the cover removed
Step 9 - This picture shows in each Circle a cables/connectors that will need to be un-attached to open the unit further - The Squares represent 2 screws that will also need to be removed in order to open the unit.
Step 10 - This picture shows the Motherboard removed from the unit exposing the Screen.
Step 11 - You will need to release a couple of tabs in order to completely remove the screen from the plastic frame.  See circle in picture.
Step 12 - This picture shows the screen completely removed from the unit frame.  You can now replace the appropriate part and re-assemble these directions backwards to complete your repair.