HP iPAQ h5500 Take Apart Directions

iPAQ h51xx, h54xx & h55xx Take Apart Directions

Step 1 - These directions will only work for the HP h51xx, h54xx & h55xx Series units. You will need a T6 Torx Driver and Case Opener Tool for this take apart. Please read the directions before doing this take apart. Sorry we do not offer any assistance in this repair.

Use a T6 Torx Driver and remove the 6 screws on the Back of the unit.

Step 2 - With all 6 screws removed you can take off the back cover of the unit. The back cover is clipped on so it might be hard to remove. Do so by using the case opener tool. Slide the tool all the way around the case and releasing the plastic tabs.  
Step 3 - This shows the back coming off of the unit.
Step 4 - Before removing the motherboard you will need to release the two ribbon cables attached. To do this you will need to release the tabs on each connector. The tabs are on top of the connector and left up to a 45 degree angle. THEY ARE NOT TO BE REMOVED. They can break very easy. Once the tab is lifted up you can now slide the ribbon cable out. 
Step 5 - There are two more connectors to remove. They both look like the one in the picture. One is on the left side of the motherboard and the other is at the top right of the motherboard. You remove this by just sliding them out of the socket.
Step 6 - Now that you have removed all the ribbon cables and connectors you can remove the motherboard. 
Step 7 - To remove the button board you will need to remove the small cable that is connected. Slide the small cable out and now you can remove the button board. 
Step 8 - To remove the screen there are 4 red tabs that hold it in place along with 2 plastic tabs at the top. You can carefully spread the 2 that are near the bottom and this should free up the screen to come out. You will want to slide the screen down a little before bring it out. You might also have to spread the other 2 red tabs at the top to help remove it. 
Step 9 - Now you can pull the screen slightly towards you and out. To install any of the items listed just follow these directions in reverse.