HP iPAQ 2200 Take Apart Directions

iPAQ h22xx Take Apart Directions

Step 1 - You will need the followings tool

A Torx Driver Set
A Small Phillips Screwdriver
A Case Opener Tool

Step 2 - Remove the following (2) long screws, and remove the battery cover.


Step 3 - With the Battery removed, you will find (4) small screws you will need to unscrew with the torx driver.,
Step 4 - There are still (2) more screws one on each side that will need to be unscrewed.
Step 5 - You will now need your shim tool in order to release the tabs to pry open your IPAQ2200 unit.
Step 6 - Open your unit slowly and carefully as there are still connecting wires that will need to be detached.
Step 7 - You will need to remove (2) connectors one will be  a ribbon connector - the other a wire connector.
Step 8 - A Close up of the ribbon cable to detach
Step 9 - Circle = A close up of the wire connector to be detached

Box = Circular Jack that will need to be slid out in order to open case - be careful, this can be a little resistant in coming loose.

Step 10 - This is a picture of the unit - now open - with the silver screen element.
Step 11 - You will need to remove the following (2) screws in order to released the screen element.
Step 12 - You have now successfully removed the screen element and can replace it with your new part.

Following Directions reverse to re-assemble unit.