Dell Axim Take Apart Directions

Dell Axim X5 Repair Guide

You Will Need The Following Tools
Small Phillips Screw Driver

Step 1 - These directions will only work for the Axim X5. You will need a couple of tools for this take apart. Please read the directions before doing this take apart. Sorry we do not offer any assistance in this repair. 
Step 2 - First remove the main battery and backup battery (YES YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR DATA) Remove the 2 rubber feet on the top and two at the bottom of the unit. Then use a small phillips screw driver and remove the 6 screws from the back of the unit. 
Step 3 - On both sides of the unit there are rubber strips that will need to be removed. They are held on with a double sided tape/glue. Pull them off slowly because you will want most of the glue to come with the rubber strip.
Step 4 - Now that the rubber strips are off you can pull the back of the case off.
Step 5 - Here is a picture of the back of the case off and the frame/motherboard and screen together.
Step 6 - In the lower corner of the motherboard you will need to dis-connect the speaker. Just pull the tab up. 
Step 7 - You will now be able to remove the frame with the screen from the front plastic.
Step 8 - This shows the frame and screen removed from the front of the plastic case. 
Step 9 - With the screen facing down you can lift the motherboard up. Stop when you get it 3/4 of the way up and goto the next step. 
Step 10 - There are three ribbon cables that need to be removed. The first tab on the right needs to be lifted up about half way. The connector in the middle with two tabs will pull out half way. The connector on the left has two tabs that will also pull out half way. After this all the ribbon cables will come out. 
Step 11 - The motherboard can now be separated from the screen/frame.

The screen can now be removed from the frame. 

Step 12 - With the screen out you are now going to remove the digitizer aka glasstop from the LCD. This step will require an Xacto Blade.  Using the Xacto blade insert it between the glass and the frame of the LCD (Look at the Picture). Run the Xacto blade all the way around the digitizer to break the double sided tape seal.
Step 13 - With the seal broken you can now lift the cracked digitizer from the lcd. 

Take the new digitizer and remove the thin layer of clear protective cover off the back of it the digitizer (NOTE Some Digitizer may or may not have the thin film on the back). This will expose the double sided tape. (NOTE Some Digitizers May or May not have Double Sided Tape on the Back) Lay the digitizer down on the LCD. 

Step 14 - You can press lightly to make sure that it has a seal and you are done. Please follow the directions in reverse to install the screen back in the unit and put it all together.