Palm Zire Take Apart Directions

Palm Zire m150 Repair Guide

Step 1 - These direction will help you take apart a Palm Zire also known as a m150. 
Step 2 - Turn the unit over and using a T6 Torx remove the two screws on the back top of the unit. 
Step 3 - After the two screws have been removed you can start to open the case. Start by opening it at the top where the screws were. 
Step 4 - After the case starts to open you will be able to remove a black plastic cover from the top of the unit
Step 5 - You can now start opening the case. The case is only held together by the two screws that you removed and then it is clipped together. BECAREFUL - There is a speaker that has a wire attached from the motherboard to the back of the plastic case.  
Step 6 - Watch out for the wire from the back of the case/speaker to the motherboard. Leave it attached.

Top Right Picture: There are two connectors that have ribbon cables in them. You just lift the connector up but NOT all the way off. With the connector lifted up you are able to remove the screen ribbon cables.
Step 7 - Lower Center Picture: In order to remove the motherboard you will need to remove the two small screws at the bottom of the motherboard. The battery stays attached to the motherboard. 
Step 8 - Now that you have removed the ribbons and the screws the motherboard will lift up and expose the screen which can now be removed. 
Step 9 - This shows the screen and other major parts taken out of the unit. At this point take the screen we sent and install it by following the direction in reverse.