Palm Zire 71 Take Apart Directions

Palm Zire 71 Repair Guide

Step 1 - These directions will only work for the Zire 71 unit. You will need a couple of tools for this take apart. Please read the directions before doing this take apart. Sorry we do not offer any assistance for these directions. 

T5 Torx & T6 Torx Kit

Step 2 - Flip the unit over and slid the shell down to expose the camera and 2 screws at the top. 
Step 3 - On the back of the unit there is a label. You will need to peel up the sticker to get to the screws under. 
Step 4 - Using a small phillips screw driver remove the 3 screws.
Step 5 - Turn the unit back to the front and you will need to pop out the silver cover. 
Step 6 - This shows a picture of the cover off. 
Step 7 - Now you will remove the camera button. It just sits between two metal tabs. 
Step 8 - At the base of the long ribbon cable there are two screws that need to be removed. 
Step 9 - With the two screws removed the ribbon cable and be pulled up slowly. There is just a double sided tape that holds it down. 
Step 10 - This shows the back case that slides removed.
Step 11 - There are two screws that hold the back camera cover on (Go to next step to remove them). 
Step 12 - Remove the two screws as shown.
Step 13 - You can now lift up and off the back plastics. 
Step 14 - This shows the motherboard with the back plastic off. If you are just trying to get to the battery stop here. 
Step 15 - The battery is located under the black plastic shield. The battery is held down with a double sided tape.
Step 16 - The left picture shows a black plastic part that might fall off and the other is a small screw that you need to remove. 

  You can now pull up the battery connection and slide up the plastic part located over the IR, Speaker & SD Slot.
Step 17 - You can now lift the motherboard up and flip it over to the right. There is still a cable connected. 
Step 18 - Remove the gold color ribbon from the motherboard by pulling up. 

This shows the motherboard removed from the unit. 

Step 19 - Now you have the front plastic with the screen. To remove the screen goto the next step.
Step 20 - You should be able to lift the screen out of the front plastic to remove it.  This shows the screen removed from the unit. Follow the directions in reverse to put back together.