Palm Tungsten W Take Apart Directions

Tungsten W Repair Guide

You will need the following tools to help assist you in your Tungsten W Take Apart.

A Torx T6 Driver
A fine flat head screwdriver and Case Opener Tool

Remove Stylus and SD Memory Card

Flip over the unit and remove the 4 screws (circled in red) using the Torx T6 Driver.
Using your shim tool (or fine flat head screwdriver) you will need to release two tabs.  keep seperation pressue on the unit edge as your are trying to release the tabs.
This picture shows the unit open.  You can see the two tabs on the upper edge of the case.
This shows the unit seperated from the back side. Using the unit mainboard (pictured left) 
You will be separating the screen from this mainboard by releasing two more tabs as seen on the bottom edge piece using your shim tool or flathead screwdriver.
Once you have the unit open you should be able to see and remove the battery from the unit.
This picture shows the battery removed next to the unit.
Tiy can now open the unit further and will need to remove the connector to the screen.
Addtionally you can also remove the other side of the cable connected to the unit motherboard.
This picture shows the connector disconnected from the screen
This shows the unit mb seperated from the screen and case.
This shows the screen seperated from the front cover display.  you now can access the button templates
This shows the screen removed with the button template connectors disconnected to the side.

To complete this fix - work in reverse to re-assemble your unit.