Symbol SPT-1500 Take Apart Directions

Symbol SPT-1500 Repair Guide

Step 1 - Here are a couple of steps that you need to do first Back up your unit and applications(You need a 3rd party program to back up the applications like Backup Buddy). Remove the batteries after you have backed up the unit. Remove the stylus pen.

*We no longer own this clear unit so do not email us asking if you can purchase it. 
You will need a small screw driver like the ones used for eye glass repair to remove the screws.
Step 2 - On the back of the unit remove the two top screws. 
Step 3 - Remove the other two screws on the back bottom of the unit. 
Step 4 - After all four screws have been removed you are able to take the back cover off. The back cover swings up like a book. Be careful there are three tabs on each side that hold the case together. Try not to break the tabs as you remove the back cover. 
Step 5 - Once the back cover is removed you can see the motherboard and the memory card. 
Step 6 - You will need to remove the ribbon cable that connects from the scanner to the memory card. You will need to be careful not to damage the connector as you remove the ribbon cable. To remove the cable carefully slid the two white connectors out about 1/4 of the way. This will loosen the grip on the ribbon to slide it out. 
Step 7 - Here is a picture of the connector loose as the ribbon was slid out. 
Step 8 - You are now going to remove the ribbon that connects the screen to the motherboard. This is done by carefully pulling both white tabs at the same time horizontal with the ribbon about 1/4 of the way out. Just enough that the cable can slide out. If you pull to hard you can damage the connector. 
Step 9 - As you can see once the tabs are loose the screen ribbon comes out. 
Step 10 - There are 3 or 4 tabs that hold the front plastics and motherboard. You need to carefully separate the bottom plastics from the tabs as you pull up. Now you can remove the motherboard and frame from the front plastics. 
Step 11 - There is another look as the motherboard, frame and screen are separated from the front plastics. 

Here is a picture of the front plastic after it has been separated from the motherboard, frame and screen assembly. 

Step 12 - The screen can now be removed from the motherboard/frame assembly. From this point if you are replacing a complete screen you just go in reverse. If you are repairing a cracked screen then follow the screen repair directions.