Palm V & Vx Digitizer Repair Directions

Palm V/Vx Digitizer Repair Guide

You are going to need the following tools. 
An X-Acto Blade
Step 1 - Now that you have removed the screen and you have received your new replacement glass top lets fix it! 

To remove the glass top from the LCD screen you will need a very small sharp blade. You need to insert it between the glass and the metal part of the screen. Once it is in there you will work the blade around the screen.

Step 2 - One thing to watch out for is that you need to get the blade under the screen printed thin metal peice. The new screen glass already has the menu/icon area with it. If you look at the picture you should see the blade under the icon area.  Keep working the Blade down and around the screen. 
Step 3 - Now Take the broken glass screen top and start pulling it off the LCD.
Step 4 - Complete taking the broken digitizer/GlassTop off. 

Step 5 - Here is a picture of the broken glasstop/digitizer off the LCD.The new digitizer you get from us will have a thin film on the front and back of it. You need to remove the shipping film. Under the back of the film there is a glue around the edge of the new digitizer. Place the digitizer on top of the LCD and position it squarely. 

You will also need to remove the black rubber gaskets from the old digitizer and put it on the top of the new digitizer. This is a bumper that helps get a good seal on the unit when it goes back in the case. 

Step 6 - Here is the new digitizer on the LCD and put back together. Now refer back to the screen removal directions and follow them in reverse to install the screen.