Palm VII & VIIx Take Apart Directions

Palm VIIx Repair Guide

Step 1 - Back up your unit before removing the batteries. Now remove the battery cover, batteries and stylus from your VII/VIIx. 

Small Phillips Screw Driver

Step 2 - Remove the screws in each corner. Remember that the two at the top of the unit are longer and need to go back in the two top holes. 
Remove the back cover by separating the two plastics. There are three tabs on each side that hold the plastics together. 
Step 3 - On the motherboard there is a tab that holds in a ribbon cable. You need to carefully lift the tab and slide the ribbon out. The tab does not come all the way off; it just lifts. Be careful! 
Step 4 - Once the ribbon is out it is still held down by sticky glue. You can just lift the cable up carefully. 
Step 5 - Now you are going to remove the ribbon cable from the motherboard. There are two tabs that are breakable; be careful. You will need to gently pull them out towards you and the ribbon will come out. 
Step 6 - Once you have slid the tabs out the ribbon pulls out. 
Step 7 - Now that the ribbon is off the motherboard you need to get the frame out of the case. There are three plastic tabs that hold the unit in place on one side and three on the other side. 
Step 8 - As you take the frame out you will need to slide the ribbon cable around the battery. Then the frame is free to come all the way out. The frame has the motherboard on one side and the screen on the other.
Step 9 - At this point the screen should just slide out of the frame. 
Step 10 - Now that the screen is out you can replace it with another one or go on to the digitizer repair/replacement instructions.