Palm IIIc Take Apart Directions

Palm IIIc Repair Guide

Step 1 - Remove the 4 screws on the back of the unit. Just and FYI the top two screws are longer than the bottom two screws. 

Small Phillips Screw Driver

Step 2 - Once all 4 screws are out the back cover can be removed. To remove the back cover gently separate the back cover from the front plastics. There are three tabs on both sides of the back cover that help hold the back case together. These can break very easily. Start on one side and gently lift the back cover to about a 45 degree angle. At this point the back cover should come straight up and off. 
Step 3 - Once the back cover is off the unit you will want to remove the battery connection. This is a small connector that is just sitting in a socket. Carefully remove the battery connector out of the socket. 
Step 4 - Next you will need to remove the ribbon cables from the motherboard. Start with the two that are closest to the battery. They are held in by tabs that gently pull up to a 90 degree angle and allow the ribbon to slide out. 
Step 5 - Do this for both ribbons. 
This pictures shows the connector tab open. This will allow for the ribbon to slide out. 
Step 6 - Now you are going to remove the touch screen ribbon cable from the motherboard. This is done the same way. You will lift the tab to a 90 degree angle and the ribbon will slip out. 
Step 7 - There is a label on the motherboard that says: "Warning High Voltage - Do Not Remove". Ok here is where we tell you that you are doing this at your own risk and we are not responsible for any damage caused to you or your palm unit.

If you agree with the statement above remove the label and carefully pull the connector out. 

Step 8 - Now you are going to remove the frame, which includes the motherboard and screen. The frame is just held by 3 small tabs. Pull the tabs away from the frame and the assembly will lift up from the front plastic. 
Step 9 - You will now remove the motherboard. Since all the ribbon cables have been removed you will just pull the two tabs on the side of the motherboard away and lift the motherboard out.
Step 10 - With the motherboard removed the screen will simple slide out of the frame. 
Step 11 - If you are replacing the complete screen just go in reverse to install the new one.

If you are fixing a cracked GlassTop AKA Digitizer for the IIIc then you will now need to goto the Palm IIIc glasstop/digitizer repair directions to complete the repair.