Palm IIIc Digitizer Repair Directions

Palm IIIc Digitizer Repair Guide

Step 1 - Now that you have removed the screen from the unit it is time to replace that broken digitizer with a new one. You might want to get an exacto blade to help with this.
Step 2 - Take the exacto blade and on the left side of the unit slide it in between the digitizer (Glass) and the LCD (metal frame). You will be able to see the blade under the glasstop like in the picture. 
Step 3 - When you get close to the icons make sure the blade goes under the icons and not over. Also be careful you do not want to cut the icons you will need them later. See close up for a better picture. 
Step 4 - Around the icons is also going to be a raised metal edge. You need to work the blade still under the glasstop over the metal edge. There are metal edges (lips) in a couple of spots on this glasstop removal.
Step 5 - Keep working it around the corner while still on top of the metal edge and under the glasstop.
Step 6 - Yet another metal edge (lip) on this corner also. Do the same thing and be careful. 

Now that you are past that edge just keep running the blade up the side of the glasstop.

Step 7 - Again another metal edge (lip). At this point the glasstop should be a little looser and go around the metal edge a little easier. 

Run the blade over to finish breaking the seal on the glasstop. 

Step 8 - Now that the seal is broken. You can start to lift the glasstop away from the LCD. The icons should come with the glasstop. 

Keep lifting the glasstop all the way off the LCD. 12) Here is a picture of the glasstop/digitizer after it has been completely removed from the LCD. 

Step 9 - Now take the new glasstop/digitizer and place it face up or Icon up on the LCD. Make sure that there is no glass particles left on the LCD metal frame area. The metal (corner) edges now serve as a guide for placing the new glasstop on the LCD. The icons sticker is also the adhesive that holds the digitizer to the lcd frame. You can gently press the glasstop onto the frame to make sure it is held on but be careful. 

14) Now that the new glasstop is on the LCD please follow the IIIc screen removal directions in reverse to install the screen back into the IIIc unit.