Palm m505 & m515 Take Apart Directions

Palm m500, m505, m515 Repair Guide

Step 1 - Make sure the unit is turned off and you have removed the stylus and leather case or flip lid if you had one attached.
Step 2 - Using your Torx driver there are 4 screws on the back of the unit that will need to be removed.

T5 & T6 Torx Kit

Step 3 - Once the 4 screws have been removed you will be able to remove the back half of the case.

CAUTION! the case is clipped on the back and is sometimes very tight. It might take some strength to get it off but, make sure you DO NOT BEND THE CASE.

Step 4 - This shows the two parts of the units after the back case has been taken off. 
Step 5 - Battery Replacement Only:
If you are going to only replace the battery you only need to remove the battery connector that is pictured close up on the top picture. Just remove the connector from the motherboard. The battery is glued to the back of the screen so be careful when you pull it off the screen. Now you can put the unit back together.  If you are replacing the Complete Screen, Case or Buttons read the info below:  
Remove the battery connector like pictured in the top picture. Then you will need to unplug the display connector that is shown in the bottom enlarged photo. Now you can goto Step 6.

Step 6 - Now with the battery and display disconnected the motherboard will come easily out of the unit. 

Step 7 - This pictures shows the unit with the motherboard removed from it.  You can now get to the buttons. They just sit in the unit and will come out easily. If you are only replacing the buttons you can stop here and re-assemble the unit. If you need to replace the Complete Screen or the Case please goto the next step. 

Step 8 - The complete screen can now be removed from the unit. You can just lift it out of the unit.  This shows the complete screen assembly after it has been removed from the unit. You are now complete. 

In order to put the unit back together please follow the direction in reverse. 
If you receive a screen from us that does not have the display connector ribbon cable you can just remove the one from your old screen and put it on the new screen.