Palm m100 & m105 Take Apart Directions

Palm m100 & m105 Repair Guide

Make sure you attempt to back up your unit before removing the batteries or taking the unit apart. (You need a 3rd party program to back up the applications like Backup Buddy).

In order to take the m100/m105 apart you will need a Torx driver T5. (Click Here) to Order.
Step 1 - Take Apart Directions for the Palm m100 & m105 only. 
Step 2 - You are going to remove the flip lid. Flip the lid up and pull it out. There are two clips that hold the flip cover in place. 
Step 3 - You will need to remove the faceplate. There is a tab at the top of the unit that unclips and allows you to remove the faceplate. 
Step 4 - After you have backed up your unit or attempted to back up your unit you can now remove the batteries. 
Step 5 - Using a T5 Torx you are going to remove the 4 screws. 
Step 6 - Once the 4 screws are removed you can lift up on the side of the unit and remove the back cover. Now you can see the motherboard with the back cover removed. 
Step 7 - There are three tabs that hold the screen to the motherboard. Gently you are going to lift up on the three tabs. The tabs are hinged and stay with the mother. Once all three connector tabs are up you can pull out the ribbon connection from the screen. 
Step 8 - Now that the three ribbons have been removed you can remove the motherboard. 
Step 9 - Here is a picture of the motherboard and the screen still in the unit. 
Step 10 - The screen will come out at this point there is nothing holding it in place. 
Step 11 - If you need to remove the buttons they are accessible at this time also. They are just sitting in their slots and can be removed easily.

To put the unit back together just follow the directions backwards.