HP iPAQ Digitizer Repair Directions

IPAQ 31xx, 36xx, 37xx & 38xx Digitizer Repair Guide

Step 1 - These are directions on how to repair the digitizer/touch screen on the ipaq units. If you have not already removed the screen please go back to our directions section and follow those directions.

Take the Xacto blade and insert it in between the digitizer and the metal frame. Start running it down the side of the screen. 

Step 2 - As you are running the blade down the side in between the screen you will see the blade. Please run it slowly. The idea is that there is a tape/glue that needs to be separated from the digitizer and the LCD frame. 
Step 3 - Just keep following the blade around the corner of the screen. Bring the blade up the side of the screen. Once you get the blade all the way around back to where you start. The digitizer should be loose from the LCD. 
Step 4 - You can now start slowly lifting the digitizer away from the LCD panel.  Keep lifting the digitizer off of the LCD panel. 

Now you have removed the digitizer panel off the LCD. You can discard the old bad digitizer panel.

Step 5 - Now take the new digitizer and remove any shipping film that is still on it. This is a clowdy film that might be on the front and the back of the new digitizer.  You will need to apply a thin strip of double sided tape around the edge of the bottom of the digitizer. Just follow the directions in reverse to install the new digitizer.