HP iPAQ h3600 Take Apart Directions

IPAQ 36xx Repair Guide

Step 1 - Using a T6 Torx remove the 4 screws on the back of the unit.
Step 2 - After the 4 screws have been removed you will be able to lift the back cover off. Start lifting up by the connector first. Make sure not to lift the cover all the way off since the battery is attached
Step 3 - With the cover lifted up but not all the way off you will be able to see the battery connected to the motherboard. Lift the battery connector up off the motherboard.
Step 4 - If you are only removing the battery then you are done. The battery is glued to the back cover and just needs to be removed.

If you are removing the screen goto the next step.

Step 5 - On the left side of the motherboard is a connector that is white. This connects the backlight from the screen to the motherboard. You will need to slide it out of the connection like the arrows show.
Step 6 - With all the connections removed you can start to lift the motherboard up. Be Careful, there is still a wire that runs across the motherboard leave it connected. Fold the motherboard to the left of the screen with the cable still attached.
Step 7 - There is a small black bracket that holds the screen down under the motherboard. Use a small phillips screw driver and remove the two screws which will then allow you to lift the bracket out.
Step 8 - With the bracket removed you can pull out the complete screen with the motherboard still attached.
Step 9 - There are two ribbon cables that connect the screen to the motherboard. The connector on the left of the top photo has a black plastic tab that needs to be lifted up to a 45 degree angle. DO NOT lift it all the way up. With the black tab up the ribbon will slide out.  The right connector has two tabs that need to be pulled half way out. DO NOT try and pull the two tabs all the way out. With the two tabs out the ribbon will slide out.

At this point the screen and motherboard should separate.
Step 10 - The picture shows the 3 major parts. The screen, motherboard and plastic frame. If you need to repair the digitizer on the screen please go back to the direction section and follow the digitizer repair directions.