Sell Us Your iPhone & iPod - We Pay Cash

DirectFix has teamed up with CErecycle.com to help you recycle your broken or dead iphone, ipod or more. They will even pay cash for iphone and some smartphones. Take a look to see if you qualify to sell them your iphone for some cash.

Sell it or Donate it at CErecycle.com

AX Micro Solutions Opens New Consumer Electronic Recycle Site

    Yes, we did it. After a number of years of working on this site, it is now live. www.CErecycle.com was designed specifically to handle the purchasing or recycling of the entire consumer electronics market including PDA's, Smartphones, iPOD's and Cell Phones that are just sitting around in your drawer. We will now have a complete online form that will give you instant updated prices on all types of consumer electronic items. Along with this site, we have also opened up a way for you to recycle your working or broken CE items. Take a look at CErecycle.com as an option to sell us your old electronics or donate the items to us in order to keep it out of the land fill. Prices are updated weekly to best reflect the ever changing market condition.

    By opening this site we can now process more units and offer better prices to help our customers with recycling their CE items. Go take a look and if you have some old, new, working or broken items, we might just purchase them and get you some extra money. If we do not purchase it, then refer to the donation section and keep the land clean from e-waste.