iPod 4th Generation Take Apart Directions

iPOD Gen 4 Take Apart Guide

Step 1
You will need the following tools for this take apart
  • A Small Phillips Screw Driver
  • A Case Opener Tool (Which can be Purchased from the webpage)
  • Torx Set (Which can be Purchased from the webpage)

    Using the case opener tool run it all the way around the case which will loosen the metal shell from the plastic front bezal.

  • Step 2
    You can now start to remove the metal shell from the case but before going to far there is a cable attached. See Step 3 now.
    Step 3
    Do not remove the front and back case off all the way as there is a cable still attached. Goto the next step.
    Step 4
    You are able to disconnect the cable by just pulling it upward.
    Step 5
    Now you are going to remove the harddrive cable. The cable can come out by just pulling the ribbon straight out from the harddrive.
    Step 6
    There are 2 cables that need to be removed from the motherboard. The first one on the left will require you to lift a black tab on the back of the connector up BUT not off. Once the black tab is up you can slide that ribbon out. The other is a white connector that can just be lifted stright up.
    Step 7
    Using the torx you will remove the 5 screws that hold the motherboard to the plastics. Refer to the 5 red lines.
    Step 8
    You can not remove the motherboard from the plastics. The screen will come with the motherboard when you remove it.
    Step 9
    There is a connector that is holding the screen to the motherboard. It also has a very small black tab on the side of the connector that will need to be lifted up but not removed. Once the tab is lifted up you can now slide the ribbon cable out.