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How To Fix Your Broken Smartphone

If you’ve ever dropped your smartphone you know that time almost seems to come to a halt as you helplessly watch it crash to the ground, seemingly in slow motion. Then you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and inspect it—hoping and praying that the display isn’t cracked or shattered. Thankfully, if it is damaged and you need to repair your smartphone, you have some options available. I had a few damaged iPhones lying around. I wasn’t sure whether or not there were cost-effective solutions available to repair them, or if it would be better to just write them off and get something new. I decided to explore the options available for fixing a smartphone—both do-it-yourself kits and professional services. The good news is that it’s possible to repair a smartphone for a reasonable cost. I started out by using a do-it-yourself kit to repair a damaged iPhone 4s screen. I got the DIY repair kit from iCracked. The iPhone 4s kit is $90 (currently on “sale” for $45), and it goes up from there to $180 for an iPhone 6 display kit. iCracked also offers DIY kits for Samsung devices and iPad displays, as well as faulty or damaged batteries and water-damaged devices. The iCracked DIY kit for the iPhone 4s was nice. It comes with the necessary tools: Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, pentalobe screwdriver, nylon spudger, suction cup, guitar pick, SIM card tray tool, and microfiber cleaning cloth. It also has detailed, step-by-step instructions and links to YouTube videos that walk through the entire process. I have extensive training and experience in electronics so your mileage may vary, but it only took me about 30 minutes to dismantle the iPhone 4s, replace the display, and reassemble the fully-functioning smartphone. Working with tiny screws and the delicate internal components of an iPhone is not for the faint of heart and I wouldn’t recommend my mother-in-law try it. However, I think most people could follow the instructions from iCracked and successfully replace an iPhone 4s display using this kit. Next , I moved on to try the same thing with an iPhone 5s using a DIY repair kit from DirectFix. DirectFix offers a similar array of DIY repair kit options as iCracked but for a larger selection of devices beyond Apple AAPL -0.61% and Samsung. The iPhone 5s DIY kit I received from DirectFix was similar to what I received from iCracked—along with a similar set of the requisite tools needed to perform the repairs. There were no instructions that I could find, but I eventually discovered that the shipping invoice in the box included a note with the link to access the DirectFix videos to walk through the repairs. The iPhone 5s was significantly more challenging than the iPhone 4s. Taking the unit apart was much more involved, and the addition of the Touch ID sensor made it a much more delicate procedure. The Touch ID sensor is connected using a thin ribbon cable that is easily damaged, and if you damage it there is no way to repair it. I followed the video and replaced the cracked display, but the new display had an issue. When I turned the device on there were some vertical lines on the left side of the display, and the touchscreen was only partially functional. I don’t fault DirectFix or the DIY kit for the problem. I assume I crushed or pinched something while dismantling or assembling the iPhone. In other words, it was operator error on my part and a good reason to think twice about trying to fix a smartphone yourself.
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The End of Academic Elites

The internet has changed everything, so much so that even I, a man who has been online for 19 years, am constantly amazed at the pace of accelerated change. The printing press changed the world in a few decades in the 16th century. The internet is even more revolutionary. Even more so than the press, the internet has evaporated prior means of didactic instruction. The printing press created change, but only the rich could afford to buy one. For less than $100 today, one can get a domain and start a media empire on the web...
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How I replaced my iPhone 4S battery for $8

Talk about an inconvenient truth: right around the 12-month mark, your iPhone battery will start to wear out. You'll notice that it doesn't last quite so long between charges, a problem that just gets worse as more time passes. By 18 months or two years, you'll be lucky to get half a day of run time. Apple famously (make that infamously) engineers iPhones without a battery door, so you can't just swap in a new power pack. However, you can indeed replace your iPhone's battery, and it's cheaper and easier than you might think. In fact, I just put a new battery in my 15-month-old iPhone 4S, which was definitely showing signs of charge wear. Total cost: $8. Total time: 20 minutes. Let me pause right here to note that opening your iPhone will void whatever's left of your warranty (which, unless you extended it, expired after 12 months anyway). I should also note that this procedure should work more or less the same with an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. I'm not sure about the iPhone 5, but most folks are at least eight months away from having to worry about that.
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DirectFix Wins "The Blades Ecommerce Awards" for Unique Marketing

AX Micro Solutions, Inc., a.k.a. DirectFix, began in 1998 as PowerToThePalm.com, with a focus on showing ordinary people what the inside of the latest model Palm unit looked like, how to dis- and re-assemble it, and selling the parts to fix it. Today, DirectFix sells quality repair parts and accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phones, as well as repair services for many units. In 2002, DirectFix became the first company to offer free how-to videos, with no purchase necessary. Offering their free, branded videos on YouTube put the DirectFix name in front of millions of people, and provided a gateway to other sites and blogs that have since embedded links to DirectFix’s quality videos. In addition to the traffic and sales that are driven to DirectFix.com, as a YouTube partner the company also earns profits on the revenue generated by its videos.
Winners of the Blades Ecommerce Awards

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HTC One S teardown leaves little to the imagination (video)

Whether you're looking to replace a damaged screen, swap a battery, or just make damn sure that the warranty of your HTC One S is void, DirectFix can help with its latest teardown video. This is the first time that we've seen a detailed inner peek at the smartphone itself, and those who appreciate fine craftsmanship are sure to dig this one. To get deep within the phone, you'll need a nylon spudger, a Torx T5 and precision Phillips screwdriver, along with steady hands and -- if the display's adhesive isn't cooperating -- a hairdryer. Once the handset's back cover is removed, it becomes quite easy to see how the battery pack dominates the inner space, which is complemented up top by a blue plastic shield that includes the lens cover and protects the main board. From there, many fragile connectors must be removed before the display can be separated from the handset, which is attached with adhesive. Naturally, putting the phone back together can be a bit tricky in its own right, which makes it quite a shame that YouTube videos can't play in reverse.
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BlackBerry PlayBook disassembled on video

While we know that the BlackBerry PlayBook was taken apart only hours after it went on sale, iFixit’s guide only had text instructions and photographs to guide users through the process – not a very intuitive guide for folks who would rather have videos of someone guiding them through the process. Well, those people are in luck. DirectFix.com, a site aimed at teaching people how to fix their own mobile devices recently released a video that demonstrates how to take apart the BlackBerry PlayBook. They even teach you how to replace the LCD and touchscreen panel on the PlayBook in case the need ever arises for you to perform such things. While it’s not recommended that you ever do such things at home, but it’s good to know that you have the option to (in case of emergencies).
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Online Video Offers Low-Cost Marketing For Your Company

Directfix.com sells replacement parts and accessories for smartphones and other electronics. The business faces a constant customer service challenge: showing lay people how to take apart electronic gadgets and install fragile components.

In the early days, the company used pictures and text, said Robert Stanley, founder and chief executive. Inevitably, those instructions left customers with questions that placed a burden on the company’s customer service department. In 2007, the company began posting how-to videos on YouTube. That summer, it released one of the first videos showing how to take apart an iPhone, a video that has been viewed more than two million times.

The company has compiled a library of instructional videos that have reduced customer questions by half, allowed the company to eliminate phone support and cut its customer service budget about 40 percent. Without video, Mr. Stanley said, he would have to hire four or five additional employees.

“You can tell somebody over the phone to turn the screw in the top right corner,” he said, “and they might understand what you mean and they might not. If you show them on a video, they get the point.”

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Best iPhone and iPod Repair Services

When it comes to those helpful iPhone and iPod devices we carry around, we love them until something goes wrong and often times things just do. From dropping your phone in the driveway and getting those great cracked screens to mistakenly soaking your iPhone or iPod in water – your device will most likely need some kind of tender loving care in it's lifetime, especially if you are mistake-prone (like me) or keep your devices for a long time. So I've compiled a list of the best iPhone and iPod repair services around to get your iPhone or iPod back into shape after a tragic mishap.

DirectFix.com is my favorite repair service because they give you the opportunity to manage your iPhone and iPod repairs yourself and that usually translates into big savings! DirectFix.com is an online retailer selling do-it-yourself iPhone repair and what makes them one of the best is that they also have free video directions that helps users repair their own broken screens on their iPhone and iPod units. The video repair directions, tutorials, and videos are available free online and do not require any purchase – which saves you money. This money savings is perfect to go toward your next iPhone or iPod upgrade later down the line.

Shatter your iPhone 4 screen? Here's how to fix it

I think we can all agree at this point that the iPhone 4 launch is not going well for Apple or its customers. In just two days since its release, iPhone 4 owners have found a plethora of potential and real-world problems, from a faulty antennas andBluetooth headset connectivity issues to screen discolorations and scratches. Then there's the phone's glass. Why oh why did Apple decide to use glass for the back of the iPhone 4? As Ryan Salerno, a Gizmodo writer, discovered this morning, glass is breakable. The good news, if you can call it that, is that glass is replaceable. If you're handy with a screwdriver and don't mind performing surgery on your iPhone, you can tear it down far enough to replace even the LCD screen. This video from parts supplier DirectFix.com shows you step-by-step how to disassemble an iPhone 4. You will, of course, need replacement parts for either the front or rear glass, but they're not readily available yet. (Note to suppliers: You could make a mint by manufacturing a plastic replacement backing for the iPhone 4. The glass is just plain silly.) The really interesting part of this video happens about the 1 minute, 40 second mark, when the repair guy plucks out the battery after removing only a couple screws and the back plate. That's all it takes? I know it's a little early to start talking about battery replacement, but it's nice to know how relatively painless it'll be when the time comes. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the iPhone 4 has a user-replaceable battery. What are your thoughts on the whole iPhone 4...should we just come out and call it a debacle?
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How to Replace Your Broken iPhone 4 Screen

In this iPhone 4 teardown video, DirectFix.com explains how to repair a broken screen—very handy if you didn't spring for the insurance, and like our very own Ryan, have suffered breakage already.

Along with the usual caveats and warnings about doing this yourself, DirectFix's video is a clear and comprehensive tutorial on screen replacement, but also shows off the iPhone 4's innards in HD.
(More Info Here)

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Not All iPhone Repair Directions Are Created Equal

Taking a metal spudger to a phone and ripping it apart is not the same as instructing someone how to properly fix a phone

Morgan Hill, Calif. (PRWEB) May 6, 2010 -- DirectFix.com, the leader in \"You Fix It\" replacement parts, accessories and videos for iPhones, Blackberrys, iPods, PDAs and handheld games, today announced an article on educating people on the difference between ripping an iPhone or other electronic gadget apart with a metal spudger and teaching someone how to properly take apart / repair an item.

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DirectFix Featured on TechNow Tv Show

DirectFix.com was featured on the TechNow TV program on Jan 16, 2010. Host Scott McGrew talked about the Free YouTube Repair Videos and also the discount parts for people to fix their iPhone Screen. (Click here to watch the video)

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iPhone Fix? There's a YouTube for That

Think the only solution when your iPhone screen is broken or your iPod quits playing is to spend hundreds of dollars on professional repairs? Guess again. (Click here to watch the video)

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Repairing Your Palm TX PDA Digitizer

If you are like me, you find it difficult to live without your trusty PDA. I rely on it for so many things, such as writing this column, that I'd be lost without it. Unfortunately, by their very nature, they tend to be rather fragile devices. This is particularly true for those who might have a tendency to drop or sit on them...

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DirectFix.com Has sold over 10,000 iPhone and iPhone 3G screens

DirectFix.com says it sold over 10,000 iPhone and iPhone 3G screens and touch panels, generating more than 3 million unique visitors to its replacement screen video tutorials on YouTube.com. The company says that instead of replacing broken iPhones at full retail price or shipping a broken phone for repairs, over 1,000 customers a month now elect to purchase and replace iPhone touch screens and LCDs themselves by following the online repair videos at DirectFix.com.

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Oops! iDropped It…. iPhone “Butterfingers” Get New Life for Broken iPhone Screens

Morgan Hill, Calif. – May 28, 2009 – DirectFix.com, the leader in “You Fix It” replacement parts, accessories and videos for iPhones, Blackberrys, iPods, PDAs and handheld games, today announced it sold over 10,000 iPhone and iPhone 3G screens & touch panels, generating over 3 million unique visitors to its replacement screen video tutorials on YouTube.com...
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Broken iPhone LCD and/or touch screen? Fix it yourself

With over 20 million iPhones sold, there will be broken screens and digitizers, and maybe yours is one of them. Apple can fix it, of course, but that can take a while. An alternate is getting replacement parts from DirectFix.com. They also have instructional videos and everything else you need to get your iPhone back into working condition. The warranty goes bye-bye if you do that, so keep that in mind. -- Posted Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Don’t Throw Out Your Broken iPod; Fix It via the Web

...Knowledge is only half of the battle. A number of sites specialize in providing spare parts but also provide the information on how to install them as the incentive to use the site. PDAparts.com, for instance, sells replacement screens, batteries, cases and other parts for Palm Treos, iPaqs and other P.D.A.’s. Videos describing the process of opening the cases — probably the trickiest part of repairing today’s electronics — can be downloaded from the site....

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Dealing with a cracked iPhone screen: Repair, other options

...Do-it-yourself: $150-$200 tools and loss of your warranty Several third-party companies sell replacement iPhone screens, which include the LCD and associated components. PDAParts sells the complete replacement screen for $150 and has a how-to video for self-installation.....

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Fix a PDA Yourself

Well, at least if you’re talking about smartphones and PDAs, there is a company out there with an alternate solution to waiting several weeks for the manufacturer of a Treo, for example, to replace a broken screen...

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A Cracking Good Repair Guide

Fix a busted PDA screen? Not as hard as you might think.

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Make Magazine (Technology On Your Time)

Crack Open an iPAQ
I found instructions for replacing the battery at PDAparts.com. Which also sold the battery. The replacement battery arrived in the mail within several days. I then set out to remove the back cover with their instructions...

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ONLINE GUY: Broken PDA? Site helps you fix it

Next time your PDA needs to be repaired or your iPod needs a new battery, try doing it yourself, with the help of PDAParts.com. Even technophobes should be able to order the correct replacement parts and tools, and follow the simple instructions to get your device working and looking like new...

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GetHighTech, Inc. is an online source for a variety of spare parts

"newsBYTES" Page 12
GetHighTech, Inc. is an online source for a variety of spare parts for iPAQ and Jornada Pocket PCs, including screens, batteries...

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GetHighTech.com - Best of the Net
This is the a great stop for PDA repairs and parts. They also have a great selection of refurbished PDAs and accessories. Be sure to check them out.

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PDA emergency!

"PDA emergency!"
Personal digital assistants such as the Palm and Sony Clie entered our pockets only a few short years ago, but the litany of problems reported by users has already spawned a mini-industry...

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Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

Page 25 "Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide"
Nice article in the Sept. 2002 issue of HandHeld Computing Magazine. They also show a picture of our webpage with the free how-to videos.

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The Hard Edge - Mondo PDA Cool

Mondo PDA Cool
Suppose you own a PDA. (Unless you're Bill, who doesn't. - Alice) Then it breaks. Either you throw it away and buy a new one ($ouch$), or your send it back to the company and see what, if anything, it can do to fix it. How anout a third choice: GetHighTech. More than a pretty face. GetHighTech is a cornucopia of spare parts for PDAs...

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GetHighTech WebPage Shown on TechLive

GetHighTech WebPage was featured on TechTV show called TechLive
To Replace or Repair? Read the article from the show.

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Guaranteed to Last A Whole 90 Days

Guaranteed to Last A Whole 90 Days - Companies Slash Warranties, Making Gadgets Disposable; `We Design Landfills'
By Jane Spencer

...Another way tech companies encourage upgrades is by setting repair costs prohibitively high. At Palm, getting a replacement for a cracked screen costs $125 - even though Web-based repair companies like GetHighTech.com manage to fix them for closer to $50. The site also offers videos and guides to help users make basic repairs on their units...

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Learning Series - Your PC Troubleshooting Help Desk

This Old PDA
Rescue Your Palm OS Device From The Scrap Heap
July 2002? Vol.8 Issue 7
Page(s) 66-69 in print issue

You rush through yet another unfamiliar airport terminal, trying to catch a flight. As you pull out your trusty PDA (personal digital assistant) to check flight information, some other harried traveler racing down the terminal bumps into you. The collision catches you unaware, and before you can react, the PDA is flying out of your hand and crashing to the floor. The once pristine glass screen now sports multiple cracks...

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Company Specialized in PDA Parts and Repair

It started out as a hobby, as well as a desire to help inform people about the inner workings of PDAs. Now, Mr. Stanley is founder and president of a successful online business dedicated to assisting PDA users....
- By: Jende Huang

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Do-It-Yourself Handheld Repairs

In my opinion, though, the next best thing to knowing how to do a thing is knowing where to find out how to do it. From now on, whenever someone writes in to ask me how to replace a cracked screen or how to resuscitate a Palm handheld that has apparently suffered the equivalent of a major coronary, I'll refer him to the extremely knowledgeable and friendly folks at Gethightech.com"...

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Target last year's customers with creative marketing opportunities

Target last year's customers with creative marketing opportunities that encourage repeat business.

Mr. Stanley, whose company, GetHighTech, repairs and resells personal digital assistants, plans to send a special edition of his e-mail newsletter to the 3,500 customers on his mailing list. He'll be pushing holiday specials and also offering tips and new-product reviews. By including the how-to information, he makes the newsletter more than just an ad and ensures that it will be well read, forwarded to online PDA-users groups, and printed out and passed around by techies.

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New Uses For Old Handheld Devices

Has your old handheld device outlived its usefulness? It might not be as worthless as you think. Several companies have found a way to make money with these old devices. They're purchasing discontinued Palm and Hewlett-Packard PDAs, which can then be cannibalized for parts and resold for use in repairing broken machines. Robby Stanley, president and founder of Gethightech Inc. in Morgan Hill, Calif., has been buying and selling used Palm and Handspring devices for two years. Two months ago, he quit his IT job with headhunter firm Hall-Kinion to focus on his online business, which now has five employees.