Protecting a iphone­ lcd screen from damage

Protecting a iPhone­ LCD Screen from Damage

Cracks on the screen only mean one thing that the lcd screen on your iphone is broken and cracked. This is the most sensitive parts on any gadget. The LCD also known as Liquid Crystal Display is the screen used on the iphone and many other electronics and gadgets.

The LCD screen is made up of layers. Those layers are the polarized panels, between which is a liquid or solution of liquid crystal. When light or an image is projected through these layers, the liquid crystal layer becomes colorized which then produces and image that we see on the display of the phone. Because of this design the LCD screen can be damaged very easily.

To keep the lcd in great shape you should try some of the following tips. Keep the screen clean from dust, lint and dirt. You can use cleaning pads or rubbing alcohol to remove finger prints, dust and oil. Be careful to use a clean nonabrasive cloth to wipe it with. Do not use any cleaning products such as household glass cleaner. They have chemicals in them that will ruin the lcd screen and film on it.

Use a Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film

A screen protector is a piece of glass that will stick to the screen and applies to the surface. When this is done correctly it will add an extra layer of glass to the screen which most of the time the screen protector will break when dropped and not the lcd screen which will help to avoid costly lcd screen repairs. The screen protector will also help to prevent the screen from getting scratches and against normal wear and tear. If the screen protector does get worn or cracked you can peel it off and replace it with a new one.

Try Not to Drop the iPhone

When the iphone is dropped and breaks the LCD lens and or glass touch panel will crack and cause you to not see the image. Try not to have the phone out during activities like running or exercise. Try and keep it in a case at all times also. There is no case that is perfect but any case will be better than no case to help prevent some of the dings, nicks and shocks it may encounter. No cases will prevent damage if the phone falls from a significant height and even sometime from a short distance.

What to do if you Crack or Damage the iPhone Screen?

If the screen is cracked or damaged and needs repair we suggest that you take a look at the DirectFix repair video guides which are free on our site. This will give you a chance to see if this looks like a repair you can do with our iphone replacement screen kits and save some money. You do not need to be an expert to repair these and they are very easy to do. Watch the repair video guide and you can be the judge. Still not sure then we suggest that you contact Apple or a local repair shop but be aware of the exuberantly high price you are going to pay for a simple repair that can be done at home with ease.