Learn how to replace the battery adhesive strips on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s while preforming the battery replacement. These are the specific detailed guide to proper installation of the iphone adhesive strips. We show you how to install them correctly on the battery before you re-install the replacement battery in the iphone.

The iPhone 6S battery adhesive strip installation is a simple process and only takes a few minutes to install. We cover how to install the adhesive properly and even show a simple sample of installing the iphone battery with adhesive already installed in the iphone. If for some reason you do not have adhesive strips for the iphone 6s or iphone 6 you can do the same procedure with double sided tape.

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Use this guide to correctly apply replacement battery adhesive strips in any late-model iPhone. Any time you remove the battery, these strips must be replaced. The strips are easily damaged if not applied correctly, so you may want to have a spare set of strips on hand if following this guide for the first time.
The larger iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus models use three strips instead of two, but the procedure is the same.
Before you begin, you should have removed the battery by following one of the guides below. Note: iPhone 5 and earlier models do not use any adhesive strips.