The team at doesn't waste any time on learning more about the new iPhone 6. Within a few hours of the phone’s release, the team had already taken the iPhone apart and began to dig into the components. We are proud to share our investigation with you in the form of a 28 minute YouTube video. Our video shows you step by step how to disassemble the phone and repair internal components like the motherboard, the battery and the screen along with many other parts followed by instructions on how to reassemble your phone after repairing or replacing. According to our experts, repairing the iPhone6 is quite similar to repairing the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone5c. Most manufacturers won’t warranty a broken screen. So, if you have recently purchased your iPhone and already experienced the screen breaking, you may have already voided your warranty. If that’s the case, then you may want to watch our new video and give repairing a try. Remember if you should attempt to repair your iPhone, this is all at your own risk and you would be voiding out your warranty. If you used the video to repair your phone, we’d love to hear about it.