Verizon iPhone 4

With a quick look inside the Verizon iPhone 4 it was easy to see that the parts are not the same as the AT&T version. We figured some parts would be different since they are different networks but why did Apple have to change some basic parts. The back cover for instance looks almost identical but upon further inspection and an attempt to put it on the AT&T version one is quick to find out that they do not fit the same and are not interchangeable. Going deeper we find that the screen is the same Retina display which is good but when you look at the outer edges of the screen specifically the tabs that hold it into the iPhone 4 Verizon unit they are in different locations than the ones from the iPhone 4 AT&T version. The battery is slightly different in thickness and parts number but overall it looks like it might be interchangeable. We will need to do some further testing on the battery to verify this. The obvious changes like the motherboard, frame and a few other parts that help make the unit talk with Verizon will not be interchangeable as to be expected. So we are certainly confused on why Apple decided to change a few basic parts like the screen and the back cover so they are not interchangeable. I guess that means will be carrying two sets of iPhone 4 parts in the near future. Also keep an eye out because shortly we will have a new take apart, screen replacement & battery replacement video up on Youtube specifically for the Verizon iPhone 4.

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