So we have been getting many emails regarding the screen replacement video we did for the iPhone 4 (See Video Below). We are also getting many people asking where are the replacement Touch Panels and LCD's since the only part we list on our webpage is the complete screen assembly for the iPhone 4 (IP-2411 Black).

Please read this information on some parts to avoid purchasing from sellers on Ebay. People that sell parts on ebay only want your money and rarely are they there to provide support or proper information regarding the part you purchase when it comes to the iPhone 4. We at have spent many years and thousands of dollars providing quality videos and parts for the iPhone, Smartphone and PDA market.

As reported on many news sites and our site the iPhone 4 screen is nothing like the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. You are not able to separate the Touch Panel from the LCD and just replace the one broken part you need. The iPhone 4 Touch Panel and LCD are fused or adhered together just like the original iPhone 2G from 2007. At the factory Apple has taken the LCD and Touch Panel and adhered it together so it is one complete screen which also allowed them to make the iPhone 4 thinner. Just because a part is available on Ebay for sale does not mean it is the correct part to fix your problem. This is the case with the iPhone 4 and many people on ebay are selling the iPhone 4 LCD and iPhone 4 Touch Panel part by them selves. We have sacrificed many iPhone 4 screens trying to figure out a way to get the touch panel and lcd to separate from one another without any damage. Every time we attempted to take it apart a part would be damaged and or not work properly once put back together. We understand that it is very tempting to want to save some money by purchasing the cheap part from a vendor on Ebay but after the hours you will spend trying to fix your phone just to find out that the part is not correct is not worth it. I also doubt that any of those Ebay sellers selling the wrong part is going to take it back so you will be stuck with a part that does not fix your issue and you still need to get the correct part.

Our advise is to just follow the directions we have listed at and read the information that we have provided so you get the correct part the first time. This will save you time, money and a big head ache dealing with some kid or person that is just out to make a quick buck selling parts out of their bedroom on Ebay.

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iPhone 4 Screen Black