just lowered the price on many of their popular iPhone repair parts for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 3G replacement Touch Panel the part that cracks the most when you drop the unit is listed for $29.99 (IP-2213). Apple Stores and Apple Repair facility currently charge you $200 to replace this part. Save $170 and do it yourself with our repair parts and free how to video directions. If you need other parts for the iPhone 3G we also carry the LCD at a new price of $39.99 (IP-2212). Also don't forget the simple complete screen replacement. This is only a 15 minute repair at $99.99 (IP-2164) and you still save $100 over sending it into Apple for repair.

We also have new lower prices for the iPhone 3GS parts. iPhone 3GS Cracked Touch Panels Replacement now $39.99 (IP-2320). The iPhone 3GS LCD is now listed at $79.99 (IP-2321). Lastly the iPhone 3GS complete screen assembly with the LCD and Touch Panel included is on Special for $149.99 (IP-2322). Even at the $150 price for the iPhone 3GS complete screen this still saves you $50 for 15 Minutes of work versus Apple's $200 repair cost.

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