The Palm TX is one of the last PDA units palm built and is a very good overall unit except there is one major issue and that is the TouchScreen on it fails. Searching the internet there are many forums with many post about this issue. Some suggest software repairs, which have very minimal success. The only solution to resolve the failed touch issue with the TX is by replacing the TouchScreen with a new one. The original design and material of the Palm TX TouchScreen is low quality and there are some engineering flaws in the design and material used. The original TX TouchScreen has a tendency to separate or pull away the layers. There is a void in the layer of the material which is actually microdots separating. One way to tell there is an issue in the microdot area is hold the unit up at and angle and see if you can make out an oil puddle in the screen. This is where the dot are separating and the sense of touch is lost. If you cannot see the oil puddle but you touch the bottom of the screen and an icon at the top launches this is also a failed touchscreen. The only way to fix these issues is to replace the touchscreen. offer’s the replacement touchscreen part number PA1693 and it is not made of the same cheap material as the original. There are a couple of other companies out there selling the Chinese knock off low quality version of our touchscreen. We use a glass layer in the middle instead of plastic and we also use a tighter dot pattern to prevent the separation issue. The film we use is a high quality NITTO Japanese Film.

We also offer to repair these for customers and if you wish to install it yourself we have video directions to help step you through the repair process. We manufacturer our own touchscreens and avoid the Chinese low quality ones. Save yourself some time and make sure you purchase quality that will last like the Palm TX TouchScreen.

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