Where can I get the iPhone 3G/3GS touch panel adhesive & why do I need it?

You dropped your iPhone 3G/3GS and cracked the touch screen. After some run around at the apple store about cracked screens not covered under warranty you decide to fix it yourself. You watch the free pdaparts.com repair video on YouTube. While ordering the iPhone 3G Touch Panel you notice they recommend an adhesive kit. You wonder if this item is really required or are they just trying to get you to spend more money on an unnecessary item?

While doing the iPhone 3G/3GS touch screen replacement there is a step when you remove the broken touch screen and go to install the new digitizer that you will need an adhesive kit to keep the touch panel adhered to the frame. Most of the time the old adhesive that was used by the factory comes off with the broken iPhone 3G/3GS touch screen when you remove it. We recommend that you clean the entire old adhesive off and install the new adhesive kit you purchased from us part number 822-4034. The kit is a special laser cut 3M adhesive made to fit precisely around the top and bottom areas of the iPhone 3G/3GS frame. It is the only way to keep the touch panel from coming loose after you put the iPhone 3G/3GS back together. This is a must have kit for anyone doing this repair.

Many companies recommend you use epoxy, this is messy and can ruin your home button and does not last. Others suggest the use of superglue, which after time can let out gas and ruin your LCD screen which will be a bigger repair and cost more.

The new iPhone 3G/3GS Adhesive Kit is the ONLY safe way to install the iPhone 3G/3GS Touch Panel replacement correctly!

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iPhone Touch Panel Adhesive Kit