Beware of sellers on ebay or companies selling just the lcd or just the iPhone 2g glass touch panel. The iPhone 2G is also known as the Original iPhone or Gen 1 iPhone.

Be careful there are people out there selling either the lcd or the touch panel by them selves and not together as a complete screen. The way the iPhone is designed the glass touch panel cannot be replaced separately from the LCD. The glass touch panel and LCD are fused together at the factory and cannot be separated. The only way to repair a damaged iPhone Gen 1 screen is to replace the complete screen assembly. Take a look at part number IP-2085 at for the complete replacement screen. Do not be fooled as we have been working on PDA's & Smartphones since 1997 and know what we are talking about. Also take a look at there is a person that did a video on why you need to purchase a complete screen and not the cheap solution on ebay for $9.99. The title of the video is "iphonereplacement glass" by scamglass1. Watch it and save some money in purchasing the correct part the first time.

Also take a look at free video that shows how to install a complete screen for the iPhone Gen 1. Do yourself a favor if you have the first iPhone 2G and you break or crack the screen goto first so you get the correct part without wasting your money on a part that will not work and might also cause more damage in the long run.

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