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Zero Cycle Count Batteries

Zero Cycle battery

Li Ion batteries only have a limited number of cycles before they can no longer maintain an adequate charge. A typical battery has about 500 cycles before it is unable to maintain a charge of at least 80% of its original capacity. Made from new materials, our batteries have zero cycles ensuring the maximum number of cycles available to you.

UN 38.8 Certified Batteries

UN 38.3 Certified

Our batteries provide you with a safe, durable and long-lasting lithium-ion battery assembly that can weather the rigors of transport & wear

       UN 38.3 testsPassed
Altitude Simulation    Check
Thermal Test   Check
Vibration   Check
Shock   Check
Short Circuit  Check
Impact  Check
Overcharge  Check
Forced Discharge  Check

These tests include vibration, shock, external short-circuiting, altitude/air transport simulation, extreme thermal conditions, impact, overcharge and forced discharge simulation.



The OEM Texas Instruments chip measures and maintains an accurate record of available capacity, voltage, current, temperature and other critical parameters for lithium-based batteries.  Also known as a battery gas gauge, the chip determines the battery state of charge, state of health and helps to predict how long the battery is able to provide power. An inadequate battery gas gauge will result in surprise shutdowns and poor user experience.

  • Compatible with new iOS updates

Pre-installed battery adhesive

Altitude Simulation    Check