Liquidation Items

DirectFix Wholesale and Bulk Pricing:

Large Orders and Bulk Discounts:
We do not have a set bulk or wholesale list available since our parts list is constantly updated to reflect stock changes and pricing. We do however offer bulk discounts of orders ranging in 25+ pcs per order. If you are not looking to purchase 25pcs in one order, one of our sales team members can help you on a case by case basis for the best possible pricing for your smaller or larger order. They can even help you get set up with a company discount so that you can place your bulk, company or larger order with just a quick email. Contact us by clicking on the link below. We will forward you to a team member that can answer your questions.

DirectFix Corporate, School or Larger Quantity Repair Service:

Repair Service for Corporate, School or Larger Quantity Repairs:
Contact us at bulk sales if you would like to participate in our corporate repair program. We can set up your account to offer employee repairs, with corporate billing or employee billing. We can create an arrangement to suit your needs.

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