iPhone 3GS Screen Repair, iPhone 3GS Battery

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DirectFix provides everything you need for do it yourself iPhone 3GS repairs. We offer quality replacement iPhone 3GS parts from iPhone 3GS batteries to iPhone 3GS screens & everything in between. We offer a nationwide repair services with certified technicians ready to fix your phone quickly. To learn more about our trusted & professional repair service, check out our iPhone 3GS Repair Services.
Replacement Screen for iPhone 3GS with LCD & Touch Panel

Code: IP-2322

Price: $29.99

In Stock

Battery for the iPhone 3GS

Code: IP-2323

Price: $14.99

In Stock

LCD Replacement for the iPhone 3GS

Code: IP-2321

Price: $19.99

In Stock

10W USB Power Adapter AC Wall Charger for iPad & iPhone

Code: IP-2644

Price: $8.99

In Stock

Screen Protector for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G & iPhone 2G

Code: SP-2361

Price: $2.49

In Stock

Bent Anti-static Tweezer Maintenance Tool

Code: XX2641

Price: $3.99

In Stock

iPhone 3GS Battery Replacement Service

Code: REP-0018

Price: $27.98

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker for Shower Blue

Code: IP-2811

Price: $13.99

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Mini Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker for Shower Pink

Code: IP-2814

Price: $13.99

In Stock