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Best iPhone and iPod Repair Services


When it comes to those helpful iPhone and iPod devices we carry around, we love them until something goes wrong and often times things just do. From dropping your phone in the driveway and getting those great cracked screens to mistakenly soaking your iPhone or iPod in water – your device will most likely need some kind of tender loving care in it’s lifetime, especially if you are mistake-prone (like me) or keep your devices for a long time.

So I’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone and iPod repair services around to get your iPhone or iPod back into shape after a tragic mishap.


DirectFix.com is my favorite repair service because they give you the opportunity to manage your iPhone and iPod repairs yourself and that usually translates into big savings! DirectFix.com is an online retailer selling do-it-yourself iPhone repair and what makes them one of the best is that they also have free video directions that helps users repair their own broken screens on their iPhone and iPod units. The video repair directions, tutorials, and videos are available free online and do not require any purchase – which saves you money. This money savings is perfect to go toward your next iPhone or iPod upgrade later down the line.

DirectFix.com Featured on TechNow with Scott McGrew

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DirectFix.com – was featured on TechNow with Scott McGrew. This feature is about or company and the iPhone Broken Screen Repair parts and service that we offer. Scott gave us a great review and recommendation and we appreciate him taking notice of us. Think the only solution when your iPhone screen is broken or your iPod quits playing is to spend hundreds of dollars on professional repairs? Guess again.

Be Sure to goto our webpage and take a look at all the great products, parts and services that we offer at www.DirectFix.com

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