iPhone 4S Screen Repair & Service Already Available at DirectFix

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While watching the iPhone 4S video over at the apple site the guys at DirectFix.com noticed some very similar things between the iPhone 4S screen and the iPhone 4 Screen from AT&T. We noticed that the connector and also the tabs that hold it in are the same as the screen used on the iPhone 4 from AT&T says Robert Stanley owner of DirectFix.com. We are 100% confident that on day one of the release of the iPhone 4S we will be able to provide screen replacements and screen repairs for the iPhone 4S. We will be able to offer the iPhone 4S Screen Repair in both Black and White for $120 with Parts & Labor or if you want to replace the iPhone 4S screen yourself it is available for $99 at DirectFix. We will have the full video directions for the DIY install/replacement the day the iPhone 4S comes out.

iPhone 4S Screen Repair Black – $99.99

iPhone 4S Screen Repair White – $99.99

Free iPhone 4 Case from DirectFix.com

Want to get a Free iPhone 4 case for just doing a few easy things? Take a look at DirectFix.com and for a limited time and limited supply you can score a Free iPhone 4 Case. Here are the details on what you need to do:

Get a Free iPhone 4 Case in 3 Easy Steps

1) Like our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/directfix & Post a Picture of your phone with a short story about the worst way to break a phone.

2) Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/directfix & post what you like most about your phone.

3) Goto our YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/pdaparts & Subscribe to our channel & post a comment on a video

Then send us an email via our contact us page with the subject line of “Free iPhone 4 Case” and include your full name and address for the Free iPhone 4 Case. Limited to the first 50 people located in the USA only. Once we confirm that you have completed all the steps please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

iPhone 4 Black to White Conversion Directions

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DirectFix.com has just posted free video directions to show you step by step on how to convert your Black iPhone 4 to a White one or any other color you find. These are detailed steps that will walk you through the process of changing the color of your iPhone 4 to white or other color kits available.

The iPhone 4/4S Digitizer Scam on eBay and Amazon

We have talked about this before but here we go again. We get many emails from people asking if they can replace just the touch panel aka digitizer on the iPhone 4/4S. The simple answer is no and to prove it take a look at this video we found on Youtube that shows you what happens. It is plain an simple the Touch Panel and LCD are fused together at the factory and they can not be replaced independently of each other. We carry the complete replacement screen for the iPhone 4/4S at DirectFix.com.

iPhone 4/4S Complete Screen Replacement

This is the iPhone 4/4S Complete Screen Replacement and the Correct Part.

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Apple “Screws” Broken iPhone 4 Repairs or Not?

iPhone 4 Screw Compare

iPhone 4 Pentalobe Screw Compare

If you want to fix your broken iPhone 4 or change the broken back on it you will need a new tool in order to open the iPhone 4 up. Apple has recently decided to replace the #00 phillips screws on the bottom of the iPhone 4 with some new ones called “Pentalobe” screws. They are a rounded 5 point center of the screw and very tiny which means they will be easy to strip. DirectFix.com has on order some tools that will allow you to open the new screws up but because of the delicate nature of the screw we highly recommend that when you do remove them you replace them with the good old stand by phillips #00 screws like the original iPhone 4 came with. We have included some photo’s showing the difference of the Older iPhone 4 with the phillips screws and the newer one which we just purchased 1 week ago that has the Pentalobe screws. All the Part Numbers and Parts are available below. Feel free to click on the part or part number for more information on the parts/tools.

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Pentalobe Screw Driver

iPhone 4 Pentalobe Screwdriver (5-Point) – Part Number: IP-2466

Pentalobe Screws

Pentalobe Screws – Part Number: IP-2468

Phillips #00 Screwdriver

Phillips #00 Screwdriver – Part Number: XX2240

Phillips #00 Screws

Phillips #00 Screwdriver – Part Number: IP-2467

iPhone 4 Broken Screen Replacement Money Saving Tips

So we have been getting many emails regarding the screen replacement video we did for the iPhone 4 (See Video Below). We are also getting many people asking where are the replacement Touch Panels and LCD’s since the only part we list on our webpage DirectFix.com is the complete screen assembly for the iPhone 4 (IP-2411 Black).

Please read this information on some parts to avoid purchasing from sellers on Ebay. People that sell parts on ebay only want your money and rarely are they there to provide support or proper information regarding the part you purchase when it comes to the iPhone 4. We at DirectFix.com have spent many years and thousands of dollars providing quality videos and parts for the iPhone, Smartphone and PDA market.

As reported on many news sites and our site the iPhone 4 screen is nothing like the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. You are not able to separate the Touch Panel from the LCD and just replace the one broken part you need. The iPhone 4 Touch Panel and LCD are fused or adhered together just like the original iPhone 2G from 2007. At the factory Apple has taken the LCD and Touch Panel and adhered it together so it is one complete screen which also allowed them to make the iPhone 4 thinner. Just because a part is available on Ebay for sale does not mean it is the correct part to fix your problem. This is the case with the iPhone 4 and many people on ebay are selling the iPhone 4 LCD and iPhone 4 Touch Panel part by them selves. We have sacrificed many iPhone 4 screens trying to figure out a way to get the touch panel and lcd to separate from one another without any damage. Every time we attempted to take it apart a part would be damaged and or not work properly once put back together. We understand that it is very tempting to want to save some money by purchasing the cheap part from a vendor on Ebay but after the hours you will spend trying to fix your phone just to find out that the part is not correct is not worth it. I also doubt that any of those Ebay sellers selling the wrong part is going to take it back so you will be stuck with a part that does not fix your issue and you still need to get the correct part.

Our advise is to just follow the directions we have listed at DirectFix.com and read the information that we have provided so you get the correct part the first time. This will save you time, money and a big head ache dealing with some kid or person that is just out to make a quick buck selling parts out of their bedroom on Ebay.

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iPhone 4 Screen Black

DirectFix Free Apple iPhone 4 TearDown & Screen Repair Directions

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DirectFix.com just uploaded to YouTube free video directions on how to teardown and replace the screen on an iPhone 4. This video can be used for directions on replacing the complete screen assembly. These are comprehensive step by step directions on how to take it apart the Apple iPhone 4. We detail all the tools needed along with each step in the process to tear the iPhone down for repair. The iPhone 4 screen is similar to the iPhone 2G because when the LCD or Touch Panel breaks you will need to replace the complete screen assembly. Unlike the iPhone 3G and 3GS which had the option to replace just the touch panel or just the lcd the iPhone 4 LCD and Touch Panel are glued together as one screen assembly.

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iPhone 4 Parts & Repair Video Available Hours after Release

Morgan Hill, Calif. – June 24, 2010 – DirectFix.com, the leader in “You Fix It” replacement parts, accessories and videos for iPhones, Blackberrys, iPods and more, today announced that within hours of the iPhone 4 being available to the public DirectFix.com has the replacement screen available for those that happen to drop and crack their iPhone the first day it is available. The HD Video directions showing how to install and replace the iPhone 4 screen will be up later in the day with accurate step by step directions on installation. Just like in the past DirectFix was the first to carry parts for the iPhone 4 as soon as it was available. The iPhone 4 replacement Screen will be $149 at introduction. There is a limited supply of these available at this time. The screen comes in 2 colors depending on which color you purchased either the Black iPhone 4 or the White model. “We hope that people that purchased the new iPhone 4 enjoy it and take good care of it but accidents happen and when they do you can save money and fix the iPhone 4 screen yourself” says Robert Stanley, founder of DirectFix.com. “Just like in the past the manufactures charge and outrageous amount of money for a simple repair. By following our direction you can save money with just a few minutes of work”, explains Mr. Stanley

Mr. Stanley’s company DirectFix.com has over 100 different Video directions and they are adding more weekly. With over 7 million views on his YouTube repair direction videos you might want to consider taking a look the next time you break your gadget and want to save some money and fix it yourself.

With millions of gadgets and iPhones sold yearly; users are breaking them on a regular basis. Many electronic devices like the iPhone have quickly become an indispensable, vital personal and business tool, which means breaking one, can be inconvenient and expensive in terms of downtime. With the parts that DirectFix.com sells and their free video directions there is no reason that you could not fix it yourself and save money.

About DirectFix

DirectFix.com, founded in 1998 as GetHighTech, Inc, now offers over 100 free videos with titles such as “iPhone 3GS Touch Panel Replacement Directions” or “iPad Broken Screen Replacement.” DirectFix.com webpage carries 1000’s of replacement parts for gadgets including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DSi and more. Their free step-by-step directions make it easy for you to repair your broken gadget so you are back up and running in no time. Check them out at http://www.DirectFix.com

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Apple iPhone 4 Battery Specifications & Picture

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iPhone 4G Battery

We just got our hands on an image and specification for the iPhone 4 Battery. Here are the details of the new battery.

Apple Part Number: 616-0520
Li-Ion Polymer Battery
Voltage: 3.7v

Based on the numbers above and the estimated specs from the iPhone 3GS maybe we could expect the following. (Of course the iPhone 4 is running an A4 processor so this could change things)

Talk time:
Up to 7 hours on 3G

Standby time: Up to 300 hours

Internet use:
Up to 6 hours on 3G
Up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi

Video playback: Up to 10 hours
Audio playback: Up to 40 hours

Compare that to the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G which are the following Specs. The iPhone 4 is a 16.5% increase in battery life over the iPhone 3GS and 23.5% over the iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3GS Battery Info

Voltage 3.7v
lithium-ion battery

Talk time:
Up to 12 hours on 2G
Up to 5 hours on 3G

Standby time: Up to 300 hours

Internet use:
Up to 5 hours on 3G
Up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi

Video playback: Up to 10 hours
Audio playback: Up to 30 hours

iPhone 3G Battery Info

Voltage 3.7v
lithium-ion battery

Talk time:
Up to 5 hours on 3G
Up to 10 hours on 2G

Standby time: Up to 300 hours

Internet use:
Up to 5 hours on 3G
Up to 6 hours on Wi-Fi

Video playback: Up to 7 hours
Audio playback: Up to 24 hours

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