DirectFix.com New Mobile Store

DirectFix.com New Mobile Site

DirectFix.com Mobile Store

We are aware that many people come to our site with their mobile phone like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPod Touch Units. So to make it easier on them we have created a new mobile store for DirectFix.com. Effective today you can now find the items you need quickly for your mobile device from your mobile device. The new DirectFix.com mobile store is up and running. No need to do anything special just use your phone and type in www.DirectFix.com and you will be automatically directed to the new mobile store for DirectFix.com. The mobile store has easy navigation tabs and a search box to help you quickly find what you need.

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Blackberry Bold 9700 Screen Repair Directions – DirectFix

DirectFix.com just uploaded to YouTube a Free HD Video Directions on how to teardown and replace the screen on a Blackberry Bold 9700 unit. This video can be used for directions on replacing the complete lcd screen assembly, trackpad and more. These are comprehensive step by step directions on how to take apart the Blackberry 9700 Bold 2. We detail all the tools needed along with each step in the process to tear the unit down for repair. The LCD replacement screen is available for sale on the DirectFix.com webpage.

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