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Video: iPad Air Screen Repair Directions

DirectFix brings you the complete ipad air screen replacement and dissasembly directions. This is also help if you are interested in doing a teardown review of the iPad Air. This ipad air screen repair guide will also show you how to re-assembly the unit back together after you replace the screen. Reassembly starts at 9:25

Tools and Parts Used:

Touch Screen Black:
Touch Screen White
iPad Air Adhesive Kit
iPad Tool Kit

iPhone USB Power Adapter Not Compatible with iPad

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iPad Charger

We have been getting a lot of emails on this so here is the answer on why your lightning cable may not be working with your iPad 3/4. The standard usb power adapter that comes with your iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini will not work with the charger cable on your iPad 3rd and iPad 4th Generation. The adapter that came with your iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini is a 5W adapter and the iPad 3rd/4th Gen requires the original 10W adapter that came with it. If you use the 5w adapter with the charger or lightning cable it will not charge the iPad and will not show the charging symbol. Make sure you are using the correct iPad wall charger with the charger cable for the iPad 3/4 generation to resolve this issue.

Apple iPad Mini Teardown Video Available Hours after Release

Morgan Hill, Calif. – November 2, 2012 – DirectFix, the leader in “Do It Yourself iPad Repairs”, announced that within hours of the iPad Mini being available to the public they have a teardown repair video and directions showing how to install and replace the screen. The video is available for free on their youtube channel. The iPad Mini is one of the most difficult iPad’s we have taken apart. There is a lot of glue used in it and keep that Heat Gun handy. The directions show step by step how to repair a broken iPad screen, touch panel, battery and other parts. Just like in the past DirectFix was the first to offer a full HD video of directions on how to properly take apart the iPad Mini. For the DIY people parts will be available on their site soon for the iPad Mini. Those that do not think they can repair the iPad Mini themselves DirectFix will soon offer a mail in repair service. “Even with no retina display the iPad Mini is a cool device but being small makes it susceptible to dropping and breaking” says Robert Stanley, founder of DirectFix.com. “Just like in the past the manufactures charge an outrageous amount of money for a repair. By following our video direction you can save money by fixing it yourself”, explains Mr. Stanley.

Not All iPhone Repair Directions Are Created Equal

“Taking a metal spudger to a phone and ripping it apart is not the same as instructing someone how to properly fix a phone”

Morgan Hill, Calif. – May 6, 2010DirectFix.com, the leader in “You Fix It” replacement parts, accessories and videos for iPhones, Blackberrys, iPods, PDAs and handheld games, today announced an article on educating people on the difference between ripping an iPhone or other electronic gadget apart with a metal spudger and teaching someone how to properly take apart / repair an item.

In the race to be first in the world of electronic disassembly, especially when a new electronic gadget gets released, people sometime take short cuts. Some websites and companies will travel the earth in order to get their hands on devices first so they can rip them apart and post on the web what the inside of a gadget looks like in the hope that the media or major networks will pick up on the story. In their haste to be first the result is that readers will suffer terrible losses by following these directions that are posted so quickly. When someone actually tries to follow these convoluted directions, which most of the time are missing many keys steps, they end of damaging their own gadget beyond repair with no help from the company or person that posted them.

Things to watch out for when viewing the latest gadget take apart; first, if they are using low quality “still” photos then you might want to look elsewhere. Second, if they ever tell you to use a metal object like a “Metal Spudger” on your nice shinny gadget you may want to find another set of directions. Third, if they do have pictures, then look at them close to see if any of the parts look bent, scratched or damaged from someone ripping it apart instead of taking it apart properly. And finally, if they include written directions, then are they more interested in telling you what is inside the gadget or how to properly fix it?

DirectFix.com has taken the approach of using High-Definition Videos to instruct people on how to properly take apart their gadgets. “Back in 1998 when we did do our directions with pictures it was the only media available to us says Robert Stanley, founder of DirectFix.com. “It is now 2010 and High-Definition video directions are the only way to show someone how to fix their electronic device.” Robert goes on to explain how the use of pictures leaves out so many steps and creates questions in the customer’s mind. “There are no questions when it comes to a free high-definition video as people can watch it as many times as they like”, explains Mr. Stanley.

Mr. Stanley’s company DirectFix.com has over 100 different Video directions and they are adding more weekly. With over 6 million views on his YouTube repair direction videos you might want to consider taking a look the next time you break your gadget and want to fix it yourself.

With millions of gadgets and iPhones sold yearly; users are breaking them on a regular basis. Many electronic devices like the iPhone have quickly become an indispensable, vital personal and business tool, which means breaking one, can be inconvenient and expensive in terms of downtime. With the parts that DirectFix.com sells and their free video directions there is no reason that you could not fix it yourself and save money.

About DirectFix

DirectFix.com, founded in 1998 as GetHighTech, Inc, now offers over 100 free videos with titles such as “iPhone 3GS Touch Panel Replacement Directions” or “iPad Broken Screen Replacement.” DirectFix.com webpage carries 1000’s of replacement parts for gadgets including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DSi and more. Their free step-by-step directions make it easy for you to repair your broken gadget so you are back up and running in no time. Check them out at http://www.DirectFix.com

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DirectFix Free Apple iPad TearDown & Take Apart Repair Directions

DirectFix.com just uploaded to YouTube free video directions on how to teardown and take apart the Apple iPad. This video can be used for directions on replacing the touch panel, lcd or complete screen. These are comprehensive step by step directions on how to take it apart the Apple iPad. We detail all the tools needed along with each step in the process to tear the iPad down for repair.

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Apple iPad Touch Panel / Glass Top (First Look)

Actual iPad Touch Panel Front (left) Back (right)

Apple iPad Touch Panel / Glass Top

We just got our hands on an iPad Touch Panel. For some this will be a lot bigger than they think it is. The main thing is that DirectFix.com will have parts for repair and service when people drop and break them. We will have better pricing than the manufacturer and offer a Free Self Install Repair Videos for the iPad.

If you are interested in getting on the waiting list for the part when it is in stock take a look at part number IP-2387 at DirectFix.com. We will also have other parts available soon for the iPad like complete replacement screens, LCD’s and more.

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