March 2010

How To Tell if Your Broken iPhone 3G/3GS Needs a Digitizer or LCD

How To Tell if Your Cracked iPhone 3G Needs a Digitizer or LCD

You cracked your screen on your iPhone 3G and now you want to fix it. Apple charges too much for a repair or replacement so you look into some self repair options. How do you know what part you need? Here are some easy steps to figure out which part you need to fix your cracked screen on your iPhone 3G.

LCD Only: If the image under the glass is broken and the touch panel is NOT cracked or damaged in any way then you only need the LCD. The term LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The iPhone 3G LCD Part Number is IP-2212

Touch Panel, Digitizer or Glasstop all these terms refer to the same part: If the top touch panel or aka glass top is cracked or broken but the image under it is fine then you only need the Touch Panel. If you can see the icons, words, text etc with no issue other than the surface crack then you just need the touch panel. The iPhone 3G digitizer part number is IP-2213

Complete Screen with Touch Panel and LCD: If the top touch panel is broken and the lcd image is either black liquid or cracked you need a complete screen. The complete screen includes the following parts: Touchpanel, LCD, Home Button, Ear Piece and Frame. The parts are all assembled together into one complete screen.

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iPhone 3G/3GS Adhesive for Touch Panel Replacement

Where can I get the iPhone 3G/3GS touch panel adhesive & why do I need it?

You dropped your iPhone 3G/3GS and cracked the touch screen. After some run around at the apple store about cracked screens not covered under warranty you decide to fix it yourself. You watch the free pdaparts.com repair video on YouTube. While ordering the iPhone 3G Touch Panel you notice they recommend an adhesive kit. You wonder if this item is really required or are they just trying to get you to spend more money on an unnecessary item?

While doing the iPhone 3G/3GS touch screen replacement there is a step when you remove the broken touch screen and go to install the new digitizer that you will need an adhesive kit to keep the touch panel adhered to the frame. Most of the time the old adhesive that was used by the factory comes off with the broken iPhone 3G/3GS touch screen when you remove it. We recommend that you clean the entire old adhesive off and install the new adhesive kit you purchased from us part number 822-4034. The kit is a special laser cut 3M adhesive made to fit precisely around the top and bottom areas of the iPhone 3G/3GS frame. It is the only way to keep the touch panel from coming loose after you put the iPhone 3G/3GS back together. This is a must have kit for anyone doing this repair.

Many companies recommend you use epoxy, this is messy and can ruin your home button and does not last. Others suggest the use of superglue, which after time can let out gas and ruin your LCD screen which will be a bigger repair and cost more.

The new iPhone 3G/3GS Adhesive Kit is the ONLY safe way to install the iPhone 3G/3GS Touch Panel replacement correctly!

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iPhone Touch Panel Adhesive Kit

Beware! of the $10 iPhone 2G Touch Panel Repair on Ebay

Beware of sellers on ebay or companies selling just the lcd or just the iPhone 2g glass touch panel. The iPhone 2G is also known as the Original iPhone or Gen 1 iPhone.

Be careful there are people out there selling either the lcd or the touch panel by them selves and not together as a complete screen. The way the iPhone is designed the glass touch panel cannot be replaced separately from the LCD. The glass touch panel and LCD are fused together at the factory and cannot be separated. The only way to repair a damaged iPhone Gen 1 screen is to replace the complete screen assembly. Take a look at part number IP-2085 at DirectFix.com for the complete replacement screen. Do not be fooled as we have been working on PDA’s & Smartphones since 1997 and know what we are talking about. Also take a look at Youtube.com there is a person that did a video on why you need to purchase a complete screen and not the cheap solution on ebay for $9.99. The title of the video is “iphonereplacement glass” by scamglass1. Watch it and save some money in purchasing the correct part the first time.

Also take a look at DirectFix.com free video that shows how to install a complete screen for the iPhone Gen 1. Do yourself a favor if you have the first iPhone 2G and you break or crack the screen goto DirectFix.com first so you get the correct part without wasting your money on a part that will not work and might also cause more damage in the long run.

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Palm TX Touch Screen Problems & Solutions

The Palm TX is one of the last PDA units palm built and is a very good overall unit except there is one major issue and that is the TouchScreen on it fails. Searching the internet there are many forums with many post about this issue. Some suggest software repairs, which have very minimal success. The only solution to resolve the failed touch issue with the TX is by replacing the TouchScreen with a new one. The original design and material of the Palm TX TouchScreen is low quality and there are some engineering flaws in the design and material used. The original TX TouchScreen has a tendency to separate or pull away the layers. There is a void in the layer of the material which is actually microdots separating. One way to tell there is an issue in the microdot area is hold the unit up at and angle and see if you can make out an oil puddle in the screen. This is where the dot are separating and the sense of touch is lost. If you cannot see the oil puddle but you touch the bottom of the screen and an icon at the top launches this is also a failed touchscreen. The only way to fix these issues is to replace the touchscreen.

DirectFix.com offer’s the replacement touchscreen part number PA1693 and it is not made of the same cheap material as the original. There are a couple of other companies out there selling the Chinese knock off low quality version of our touchscreen. We use a glass layer in the middle instead of plastic and we also use a tighter dot pattern to prevent the separation issue. The film we use is a high quality NITTO Japanese Film.

We also offer to repair these for customers and if you wish to install it yourself we have video directions to help step you through the repair process. We manufacturer our own touchscreens and avoid the Chinese low quality ones. Save yourself some time and make sure you purchase quality that will last like the DirectFix.com Palm TX TouchScreen.

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Palm Tungsten Repair Parts

DirectFix.com Featured on TechNow with Scott McGrew

DirectFix in the Media | Friday March 26 2010 5:30 pm | Comments Off on DirectFix.com Featured on TechNow with Scott McGrew Tags: , , , ,

DirectFix.com – was featured on TechNow with Scott McGrew. This feature is about or company and the iPhone Broken Screen Repair parts and service that we offer. Scott gave us a great review and recommendation and we appreciate him taking notice of us. Think the only solution when your iPhone screen is broken or your iPod quits playing is to spend hundreds of dollars on professional repairs? Guess again.

Be Sure to goto our webpage and take a look at all the great products, parts and services that we offer at www.DirectFix.com

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First TV Commercial in iPhone Repair Industry – THERE’S A FIX FOR THAT

DirectFix.com – This is the new DirectFix.com TV commercial we currently have running on several networks including CNBC, G4 TV, Discovery, DIY Network and more. This is the first time in the iPhone repair industry that anyone has done a commercial. Keep an eye out for it on TV and be sure to visit our webpage at www.DirectFix.com for all your iPhone Parts, Accessories and Repair needs.

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Metal Spudger vs Plastic Case Opener Tool

    So you broke your iPhone or iPod and you want to open it up and take a look inside or maybe even repair it. You find the parts you need but notice that there are some special tools like a plastic case opener tool part number XX1521 shown in the directional videos you watched. Then you look around the Internet and see that some web sites are recommending a Metal Spudger. You wonder which tool is the best one for the job.

    Lets go over each tool and then you can decide:

    Case Opener Tool (Part Number XX1521):
    First we have to say that there are different types of plastic case opener tools and they vary in quality, plastic type and build. There are some that are very flimsy and the tip on them is very thin which make them useless or only good for one use. The ones we carry at pdaparts.com are high quality and durable plastic. We use these tools daily in repairs and only sell quality tools. You might also notice that the tool we sell is 2 sided, so it is like getting 2 tools in one. Just like all plastic they will wear down and this is another reason we sell the double-sided tool which gives you twice the life span.

    The Metal Spudger:
    The metal spudger tool looks like something that would be used in a dental office. It looks like some one took and existing tool and adapted it to use for opening iphone and ipod units. We have tried this tool on some of the test units we have and lets just say it is metal scratching metal. It damaged the case on both the iPhone and iPod we have. The other companies that sell these even say the following and I quote “can easily scratch your iPod or iPhone.” So why would you want to use this on your shiny new or almost new iPhone or iPod? The iPhone and iPod get enough scratches just from normal wear no need to add more.