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Protecting an iPhone­ lcd screen from damage

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Protecting a iphone­ lcd screen from damage

Protecting a iPhone­ LCD Screen from Damage

Cracks on the screen only mean one thing that the lcd screen on your iphone is broken and cracked. This is the most sensitive parts on any gadget. The LCD also known as Liquid Crystal Display is the screen used on the iphone and many other electronics and gadgets.

The LCD screen is made up of layers. Those layers are the polarized panels, between which is a liquid or solution of liquid crystal. When light or an image is projected through these layers, the liquid crystal layer becomes colorized which then produces and image that we see on the display of the phone. Because of this design the LCD screen can be damaged very easily.

To keep the lcd in great shape you should try some of the following tips. Keep the screen clean from dust, lint and dirt. You can use cleaning pads or rubbing alcohol to remove finger prints, dust and oil. Be careful to use a clean nonabrasive cloth to wipe it with. Do not use any cleaning products such as household glass cleaner. They have chemicals in them that will ruin the lcd screen and film on it.

Use a Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film

A screen protector is a piece of glass that will stick to the screen and applies to the surface. When this is done correctly it will add an extra layer of glass to the screen which most of the time the screen protector will break when dropped and not the lcd screen which will help to avoid costly lcd screen repairs. The screen protector will also help to prevent the screen from getting scratches and against normal wear and tear. If the screen protector does get worn or cracked you can peel it off and replace it with a new one.

Try Not to Drop the iPhone

When the iphone is dropped and breaks the LCD lens and or glass touch panel will crack and cause you to not see the image. Try not to have the phone out during activities like running or exercise. Try and keep it in a case at all times also. There is no case that is perfect but any case will be better than no case to help prevent some of the dings, nicks and shocks it may encounter. No cases will prevent damage if the phone falls from a significant height and even sometime from a short distance.

What to do if you Crack or Damage the iPhone Screen?

If the screen is cracked or damaged and needs repair we suggest that you take a look at the DirectFix repair video guides which are free on our site. This will give you a chance to see if this looks like a repair you can do with our iphone replacement screen kits and save some money. You do not need to be an expert to repair these and they are very easy to do. Watch the repair video guide and you can be the judge. Still not sure then we suggest that you contact Apple or a local repair shop but be aware of the exuberantly high price you are going to pay for a simple repair that can be done at home with ease.

How To Video: iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement done in 4 minutes

How to iphone 7 plus broken screen replacement directions. Replacing the iphone 7 plus screen is easy and we show you the steps in under 4 minutes. These directions will show you the steps to replace iPhone 7 plus screen in 4 minutes. We cover everything from the iphone 7 plus screen replacement to the re-assembly.

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iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Done in 4 Minutes

How to iphone 7 broken screen replacement directions. Replacing the iphone 7 screen is easy and we show you the steps in under 4 minutes. These directions will show you the steps to replace iPhone 7 screen in 4 minutes.

We cover everything from the iphone 7 screen replacement to the re-assembly. Reassembly directions start at 2:30. You will still need to transfer parts over from the iPhone 7 broken screen. We have another video listed below on those directions.

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How To Replace Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement in 5 Minutes

How To Replace Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement in 5 Minutes | Monday February 6 2017 9:01 am | Comments Off on How To Replace Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement in 5 Minutes Tags: , , , , , ,

Learn how to replace Galaxy S6 Screen in 5 minutes. This official Samsung Galaxy S6 screen replacement guide directions will show you the replacement of the galaxy S6 screen. We will cover the removal of the S6 broken screen replacement. These directions will help if you dropped and broke your Galaxy S6 screen and need to replace it.

These directions will help you remove the screen & replace it yourself. Below we have also listed all the tools we used in the S6 screen replacement video. If you need a s6 screen or any tools take a look at the list below. Our step-by-step S6 screen repair videos are unparallel to any other directions on the market. No worries our support team is only and email away if you need help.

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How to Replace and Fix the Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery in 3 Min

Learn how to replace the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery with these repair directions and it can be done in 3 minutes. This repair tutorial for the Galaxy S6 battery repair will show you everything you need to know about replacing the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery. We cover replacing a S6 battery that has stopped charging or no longer works.

These directions will help you remove the battery & replace it yourself. Below we have also listed all the tools we used in the S6 battery replacement video. If you need a s6 battery or any tools take a look at the list below. Our step-by-step S6 battery repair videos are unparallel to any other directions on the market. No worries our support team is only and email away if you need help.

Get your Samsung Galaxy s6 replacement battery here: https://goo.gl/6gM2wT

iPhone 6S Unexpected Shutdown and Randomly Turns Off – Solved Shutdown Gate

The fastest solution for the iPhone 6s unexpected shutdown issues which also sometimes randomly makes it turn off. We cover the issue around the iphone 6s shutdown gate and offer a few options to resolve it. This video will cover the iphone 6s random shutdown which is caused by the battery and Apple’s free but not so timely repair solution.

The random shut down you have experienced on the iphone 6s is caused by the original battery on the unit. This does not affect all the 6s units but from what we have heard and read it is effecting a lot of them. The random iphone 6s shutdown has a free apple solution via their “iPhone 6s Unexpected Shutdown Issue Program” but there is a catch. One of our techs had and issue with the iphone 6s battery and the device was covered by the 6s shutdown program.

They went online and followed all the steps only to find that it would be 3 weeks before and apple store could get them in. They also tried the other recommended repair centers and found out that none of them had the battery in stock and it would be 1-2 weeks for them to arrive. This is when we just replaced the iphone 6s battery with a replacement from directfix.com. The 6s battery is now fixed and works perfect without any issue regarding the unexpected shut down.

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HP Chromebook 14 Battery Replacement (HP 14-x010wm)

This guide will teach you how to replace the HP chromebook 14 battery. We will guide you through the process on how to do the hp chromebook 14 battery replacement in this video. If your chromebook 14 is not charging or will not start then there is a good chance the battery will need to be replaced.

The hp chromebook 14 repair for the battery is very simple and does not require much time or tools to do this repair and save some money. We have included both the hp 14 battery removal and the reassembly directions in this video. Reassembly starts at 3:11

If you need a battery for the hp chromebook 14 here is the link to purchase one: https://goo.gl/izcwg9

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iPhone 6S & iPhone 6 Battery Adhesive Installation and Replacement

Learn how to replace the battery adhesive strips on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s while preforming the battery replacement. These are the specific detailed guide to proper installation of the iphone adhesive strips. We show you how to install them correctly on the battery before you re-install the replacement battery in the iphone.

The iPhone 6S battery adhesive strip installation is a simple process and only takes a few minutes to install. We cover how to install the adhesive properly and even show a simple sample of installing the iphone battery with adhesive already installed in the iphone. If for some reason you do not have adhesive strips for the iphone 6s or iphone 6 you can do the same procedure with double sided tape.

iPhone Battery Replacements:
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Use this guide to correctly apply replacement battery adhesive strips in any late-model iPhone. Any time you remove the battery, these strips must be replaced. The strips are easily damaged if not applied correctly, so you may want to have a spare set of strips on hand if following this guide for the first time.
The larger iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus models use three strips instead of two, but the procedure is the same.
Before you begin, you should have removed the battery by following one of the guides below. Note: iPhone 5 and earlier models do not use any adhesive strips.

DIY Galaxy Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy | Monday December 15 2014 11:40 am | Comments Off on DIY Galaxy Screen Replacement Tags:

Without an expensive insurance program for your cell phone to begin with, you can be looking at uncomfortably high prices to repair and replace a cracked screen. Technology has advanced to the stage where it’s not just a simple piece of glass facing, but a touch sensitive component that helps you keep in touch with the world. You can’t be out of touch for long, so finding an inexpensive solution is as simple as looking to your own skills as a do-it-your-selfer to get the job done. A Galaxy screen replacement is simple, with the right tools and a bit of time.

Galaxy Screen Replacement

Fortunately, there’s Directfix.com, the internet’s leading supplier of tools, components, and parts for completing repairs on your own. A repair shop or you dealer will charge you and arm and a leg to fix a relatively simple piece of your cell phone, so doing the job right yourself makes a great deal of sense. This option allows you to save money, while providing you the satisfaction of a job done right without the hassle of paying exorbitant prices from someone who is doing something you can easily do for yourself in half the time.

Part of the draw of the cell phone industry, and why so much money is involved, is the prices charged for simple repairs. If it can be fixed, it only requires the proper tools and components. Directfix.com has these available for sale to you, the customer, as well as expert guidance and video lessons on how to complete the repairs yourself. A Galaxy screen replacement isn’t rocket science, no matter what your provider might lead you to believe. All you need to do is simply log on to the website with your phone’s specifics, place you order, and complete the job yourself without waste or extra charges.

Save Money By Doing It Yourself

Directfix is your one stop shopping experience for completing simple repairs yourself. The parts are all available through the website, with fast and courteous shipping options direct to your door. Each component is brand new in the package, and each order comes complete with information on proper installation and tools requirements. On the website itself, each model of smart phone offers an in depth but easy to follow video tutorial on Galaxy screen replacements by phone model, or other tutorials for other brands of phones. Stop overpaying for screen replacements by choosing Directfix.com today.

The Right Place to Obtain iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

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Smartphone technology is high in vogue today. iPhone 5 is an incredibly useful piece of technology that has managed to transform many aspects of everyday life. As many people obtain this smart phone for personal use, so also is the demand for iPhone 5 screen replacement. The phone screen can get damage anytime due to the fact that this device is used almost every minute. Smart phones are used for example: to look up for a place and to get direction, to find restaurants, pubs and gasoline station. It could be used to read books and play games on the train, used to listen to music and play videos, or use them to scan bar codes and to edit photos. The lists are endless.

There is just one drawback, and that is the easy breakability of the iPhone screen. If you at one time own it, you might have at some point dropped it and broken the screen. The fact that the iPhone screen is a soft material when compared to glass used in computer monitor expose it to damage. The device soft screen nature is a necessity in order to detect the pressure and the heat from a finger or thumb. At the same time, iPhone 5 has many games and applications that involve using the phone in shaky ways that make them prone to damage. For example, who has never taken a phone by holding it out at arm’s length, twisting it around and then holding it in three fingers so that the others can grope around for the camera button? In the same way, if you have ever played the games that involve you swinging the iPhone 5 in order to cut a piece of wood or to hit a golf ball, then you will discover the possibility for unintentionally launching the phone across the road and onto your neighbor’s roof.

Should you accidentally break your iPhone then, there is no need to worry as it is possible to get your iPhone screen replaced cheaply and easily. You should definitely consider this as it means that you can go back to using the phone for all the everyday activities we mentioned earlier rather than throwing away your iPhone.

If, however, you were to opt to buy a new phone then this would be far more expensive. iPhones are by no means cheap. On the other hand, you might just change back to an old phone – but in this case, you might end up losing all of your stored data from the phone and that will include your pictures, your contacts, your downloaded videos, and all your downloaded apps which you probably also spent some bucks on.

But, what of a small chip or crack on the screen which can occur due to a small upset or using the wrong tool on the touch screen? Then, you should also get this repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. If you hesitate, it tends to get larger and could render you without a phone for longer period. The best part is that you can easily find iPhone 5 screen replacement from reliable online store like Directfix.

iPhone 5 screen replacement from Directfix

DirectFix is a reliable company that provides everything you need for do- it- yourself iPhone 5 repairs and screen replacement. The company, which has been in existence since 1998, offers quality replacement for iPhone 5 parts, iPhone 5 batteries, iPhone 5 screens and everything in between. The services include nationwide iPhone repair services with certified technicians ready to fix your phone quickly and affordably.

To learn more and avail yourself of the unique services on offer, why not visit the company website http://www.directfix.com/category/iPhone-5-Parts.html now!

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