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    Phone Orders (Toll Free): 1.877.815.8676 (Option 3)
    Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST

    The phone order department is unable to answer questions regarding Pre-Sale Questions, Tech Support, Billing & RMA Return's. Please email our customer service department regarding these issues. For more information on why we do not provide technical support via the phone read below.
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    1.408.852.9595 Option 4
    Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST
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Technical Support & Pre-Sales Questions?

    At this time we do not offer phone support or phone pre-sales questions. All questions regarding our repair service, technical support or sales questions are handled via email only. For further assistance please contact one of the email addresses listed below.

Customer Service, Repair & Tech Support

Corporate Headquarters

    358 Digital Drive
    Morgan Hill, CA 95037-2879
    Phone 1.408.852.9595
    Fax: 1.408.778.4577
    (Mon thru Fri: 9am - 4pm PST)
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Why should I trust you? Are you a scam? Is your business legitimate?

    Yes, we are a real business! We have a physical building we own, we have employees, we have inventory, we have hours of operation, we accept credit cards, we are a member of the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, we have been featured in news articles including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and our CEO was interviewed by Scott McGrew from Tech Now/Bay Area News, we have been in business since 1998, and we have helped thousands and thousands of people repair their electronic devices , so yes we are a real company. We are a professional company with great, honest employees that prides themselves on great parts & service, we have full time people to handle customer service issues/questions via email. We do not scam anyone. Never have. We are a legitimate company and frankly, we take it very personal if someone implies that we are not or writes bad things about us. Still not convinced? (Click Here) and read the many articles that have been written about us or goto our (YouTube) Channel and watch the interview we did with Scott McGrew and the rave review he gave us. Still on the fence give us a try and don't forget that all the Free videos we have you can watch before you purchase to make sure your capable of doing a repair before you buy!
Why Won't You Call Me For Technical Support? I Demand a Call!

    We offer highly accurate, and quite timely, web-based support for all DirectFix products. As a small parts and repair company, phone-based support simply isn't feasible for a number of reasons.

    Most of our support staff are also in technical repair and order fulfillment departments. Repairs and order shipments require a high level of concentration and it is next to impossible to embark on serious efficient process without at least occasional 2-4 hour windows of uninterrupted time. If our technicians and order handlers answered phone calls, they could not package products, repair units, or ship quickly to fill your product needs. Using our online email support system, our staff are better able to devote blocks of time throughout the day to address emails quickly, yet still manage order processing time effectively.

    Alternatively, we could hire support staff to answer the phone. This would, of course, require significant finances, and force us to raise the price of our products. Additionally, the level of accuracy and email resolution would never be the same. Email issues may involve compatibility issues with parts on new Smartphones or PDA's, so we are constantly striving to keep the most updated parts and accessory lists which takes research and time. Addressing these issues adequately requires years of experience, and in some cases, familiarity with the repair products and repair videos involved.

    Our email based support system has other advantages as well. Emails are archived, allowing us to better solve problems by researching your requests on the parts purchased, and for you to refer back to an email we answered at any time. Further, in many cases, we may need time to research/cogitate on the issue to answer it correctly, which is uncomfortable (or not even possible) with phone-based support. We often need to look up your order on our search based system which can take time.

    Here's a tip on how to obtain the best possible response via email. Be nice. A courteous and clear support request sets a tone much more conducive to resolving the issue. There is no need to yell "HELP!!!!" in the subject line, your order number helps us get your details up for a quicker search.

    We are confident our current approach to technical support is in the interest of your business, as well as ours.

    Contact Customer Service (CLICK HERE)